Some may not even be able to sit through this. BB teaches us what true fasting is. He snorts the Bible. Takes a “toke” of a little plastic lamb. Their message is as plastic as the little plastic lamb they use to “smoke.”

“Let’s have a hit from the Lamb.”

He takes it and says, “Behold the Lamb.” THIS is mockery!

Ask yourself if you can see Jesus sitting on the throne of God smoking a little plastic image of himself?!

He holds the little lamb between his hands and says, “This little guy is causing revival all over the world. I’m smoking his ear.”

No, Brandon, that is not true. And I love you enough to tell you it is not the truth. The revivals you endorse are as fake and plastic as the little lamb you hold in your hands.

Who told you it was ok to mock and blaspheme the precious Lamb of God?

Repent Brandon, or God will judge your blasphemy and mockery.