Why would anyone want to get to the place of being in an electric chair, drooling with a puddle in their lap? Or in the padded room of heaven, which insinuates God wants us out of our minds? Because having no love for the truth, God has sent a delusion to come and take over. This man, Stacey Denboer spent some time with Heidi Baker in a “soaking” and with others and this is what he got.

You tell me if you see any of the disciples behaving this way?!

“So jacked up on Jesus.”

This is such a STUPID moronic spirit within the church! It ought to make you sick that the Bride and the Lamb of God are being presented in such a way! If it does not, I question who and what you really believe!

The whore is creating a lie for the rest of us to follow! None of them within their own ranks dare come out against the other! Ask yourselves why? It is because they ALL, no matter how sweet or innocent some of them may look like (Heidi Baker being one) are full of devil’s doctrines!