Ok, we are told this is in “fun.” A “lighthearted poke at religion.” Well, suppose I say I don’t see it that way? Does it make me “religious?” Suppose I don’t want to join in on their “fun?” Does it make me “religious?” I think not.

I discern a mocking spirit. They can play their little passive/aggressive game, but I see mocking in it. Why would a christian even want to use the things of the devil to “poke fun?”

To take repentence so lightly when God takes it pretty seriously is a work of Satan.

“Some of us have been baptised in starch. We’re just so stiff and religious. It’s sick.”

No, what is sick is the perverting of truth. These people have created their own religion by creating their own Jesus!

The sound clip in the back? It is a continual loop of Michael Jackson’s Thriller for those of you who may not know.

I would ask you, are you able to see Jesus and his followers carrying on like this and just saying, “Oh we are just kidding.”

If you can’t, then you too can see the mockery. If you can, then you have allowed Satan to create an image of Jesus that is a blasphemer. We both can’t be right now can we? One of us is wrong. If I am wrong, I’ve lost nothing because I am still on the side of holiness. But if you are wrong…

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