We have Tod Bently to thank for the stupid words of “Sheeka Boomba” when he arrived with his delusional revival last year.

The young man in the video tells us what it is:

“Sheeka boombah is simply girl bride church.”

So he says that is what Sheeka Boomba means to him. What if I say I think it means his teaching is off base? Does it make me religious if I don’t accept this teaching? Or does it make me a Berean; someone who is testing things? One of us is wrong. I don’t think it is me.

Ok, what is that about? Girl bride church? I sense it is a type of mocking. Could it be instead of seeing the church as she is; a womanly Bride, the enemy wants us to see her as a young girl? One who is being raped with these abomnible teachings. One who is actually a whore. This young girl bride will lay with anyone but the truth.

“Boomba, dunamis, power, explosion, breakthrough, in the church… so when we say’sheekaboomba’ we are saying blow up the church with glory blow up the church with power be made powerful in love.”

Yep, that is their aim. To just blow up the church, to rid it of doctrine and truth.

He can quote scripture. He appears to know parts of it very well. But there is so much more he is either purposely ignoring or does not know. Is he deceived and know not what he says? Or is he aware and knows what he says? Only God knows. Yet, I still have no mercy for tolerance of lies, abominations and heresies.

“Sheeka boomba, Bam! It’s a girl bride church…that will set you free from a demon…I pray that you get hungry for the sheeka boomba.”

If Sheeka Boomba originally means girl bride church, then why are we told to hunger for her? Because this girl bride church he is talking about is a whore and the truth is not in her.

Young man, I pray you get hungry for truth!