We have been slowly conditioned to receive the mark over the past few decades. Think about it … we went from cassette tapes to CDs.’ Video movies to DVDs. Cell phones, blackberries, electronic cameras, computers, the list goes on and on.

One of the latest is the GPS thinky they put in new cars or you can purchase it yourself. If you get lost or whatever, it will tell you how to get where you are going. Personally, I wouldn’t have one.

The video pretty much explains where I believe we are going. Especially now with a governement who would love a crisis so they can move in and take complete control of our lives. Think I’m just “paranoid?” Then WAKE UP!

This video was made in Feb. 2008. But we are much closer to it than we were then. At least then, we did not have a government who wanted to set themselves up as gods in our midst and control our every move or belief!

You MUST resist this, that is unless you want government to be your god.

Anythingbox from youtube gives us the following: