This type of witchey New-Age “worship” is meant for you to become numb and mindless. Which will get you to accept anything they tell you after your mind has been put in a musically induced drugged condition. Nowhere in the Word of God are we told to empty our minds and become one with everything us around us. This is religious eastern beliefs. It is wrong. If you see this coming to your church, either speak up or/and flee!

PK tells us that Caleb–the DJ– works in a “Breaker level annointing.” Hmmm, I don’t remember reading that in my Bible anywhere. Oh but wait, these are the new apostles and prophets that are getting new revelations for us all to follow. Silly me, what do I know? I only trust in the Word and not in experiences.

The DJ says, “No longer do you have to study the Word.” Need I say more?

I’ve got one thing to say to these adult apostates that are drawing the younger generation to lies and delusions: It is better that a millstone was hung around your neck and you were thrown inot the sea for offending (lying and deceiving) one of these little ones!