I do not hate patricia King. However, I hate what she is teaching and endorsing within the church. The following video exposes her new age beliefs. Even more so; occult and witchcraft.

I had not heard of PK until back in the spring of 2008. A friend of mine saw her online and said, “Years ago, she used to be on late at night. She was a psychic or something.” This was before PK came to the Lord. I say came to the Lord lightly. As PK has not fully repented for her witchcraft. She still practices it under the guise of christianity. Just as I had to repent for my witchcraft and occult practices, so must she.

Does she know she still practices witchcraft? Who knows? I believe when you do not fully repent of something, when there is still a part of you that loves your sin or trusts in it, then you have not been fully delivered.

From my own occult background, I have to believe that PK is aware of what she is doing and is trying to christianize it.

Either cheap parlor tricks or demonic power is behind the manifestations that supposingly take place in her meetings.

This video takes you to the many roots of her teachings. As far back as Alister Crowely. Video from godsplumbline gives us the following video:

Patricia, if you happen to see this, I do not hate you. I know you teach people like me are “religious.” But you have created your very own religion by mixing New Age/Witchcraft in with Christianity. Repent lest you will be bound and burned witht he tares.