People know what I have thought about Benny Hinn. I have called him a fake and false for some of his beliefs; for going to the grave of Katheryn Kulman to get an annointing; for operating in what looks like to me kundilini. Yet, I have to be honest here. When I ran across this and listened, I sat and wept and wept. Just to hear SOME ONE in the WOF movement and come out and tell the truth has changed something I me. Oh thank you Jesus! For the very first time I can say I have respect for Benny Hinn. I can’t remember the last time I was blessed so much and God used Benny Hinn! How cool is that! I can’t believe it! I imagine I will be listening to this more than once. Thank you Jesus, thank you!

This conference was in Louisville, Kentucky. I see the pastor there who I emailed before Tod Bentley went to Louisville. I emailed him to warn him on letting Tod Bentley come to his mega church. But I got no response. Instead I am sure I was seen as one who is “religious” or not spirit filled. This pastor is hanging his head low on the stage here. I see another pastor who spiritually abused me through one of his charasmatic services.

I hope and pray that the words Benny Hinn said that night penetrate their hearts and will give them true discernment for the coming greater delusions.

Father, bless Benny Hinn and wherever there may be darkness or falseness in his life or ministry, shed your light and help him to come to the light. Raise him up to be a real truth speaker in the endtimes. One with no compromise and one who will not make merchandise of your people. Cause him and the rest of those men on that stage to be true shepherds with the flock you have entrusted them with. Make them honest men of God who will never again compromise the word of God and put experiences and lying heretical teachings of men over your Word. Give them all such a love for truth they will test everything that comes their way from now on.

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I do have a problem when he says Katheryn Kulman never said something that was not true. I think she may have missed the mark at times. I still don’t agree with everything on here, but the fact that he stood out against a false revival and Tod Bentley is a start that maybe, just maybe he will get on the right track about everything else.

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