Gods’ Supernatural Discerning “Glasses”

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Years ago, I saw the movie that this clip was taken from. I don’t remember the name of it. But it was a movie about aliens taking over the world and the only ones who could see exactly what was going on, were those with special glasses.

I remember thinking back then, how scarey it would be if we ever came into such a time of deception where everything around us was not as it appeared. Well, I think we are there. Not that we were not back then, I just didn’t have the sense I had to go around testing eveything. I was wrong. As I have come to the conclusion wickedness and deception is EVERYWHERE. It was back then and it is now.

This is kind of like an example of the Holy Spirit’s desire for us now. He wants to give us these glasses were we will be able to see deception so easily. But, we start out by having to know what is in His Word. So Saints, stay in the Word of God so the Spirit of Truth leads us.

For those who want God’s truth and no other — you must start RIGHT NOW getting into HIS Word, His Holy Bible to be able to discern the times coming upon the earth and He will give you through his Spirit (if you call out to Him for salvation) spiritual glasses to help you see truth.

Just one reason I don’t like talking to liberals

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Just one reason I can’t stand having to talk to a liberal. They can’t answer simple questions. Like the other day when I asked one if I had the right to refuse the vaccine? Uh, must have been too hard a question. I never got an answer.

Just like a few months ago, I never got an answer when I asked them these serious questions on the link below. Can you imagine now what I can add to this list? Hmm, might be time to add a few things on it.


MTV Promoting The Coming Holocaust in America


You must ask yourself WHY? Wake up, America! Wake up!

Is being Christian a crime?

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I love this guy!
Truth Speaker; TheUltimateJew from youtube:

Vaccines Grown On Tissue Of Aborted Babies?!

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This is so vile and sick. And they want to force us to take their vaccines?!

God is going to judge this nation for it’s many sorceries. In the greek that word means “pharma.” The word we get for drugs. Our medical field has been poisoning us for years with their different mind drugs and vaccines. God will judge this.

Homeland security talking about FORCED Vaccintaitons! Can you see it NOW!

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“We have homeland security (FEMA) talking about FORCED vaccintaions, forced quarantines. The politicians running the show instread of the people in the medical community.”

“People are revving up, almost like this is the enemy…and they’re going to invoke all these various protocols for emergency situations. Treating these people who don’t want to take the vaccine, forcing children…(in order to get them enrolled in school).”

“Even people who work in the medical communtiy do not consider it safe.”

September or/and October. “Full in effect next month.”

It IS the enemy! And it wants to KILL us!

Are you getting to see the picture now!


What is it?

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Ok, “she’s really getting out there, now.” Uh well, considering where we are in history, considering what is coming upon the earth, nothing surprises me.

Being one who my earthly dad taught God made the universe, I found this interesting. Who made it? God or man?

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