If your preacher, pastor, church or “religion” is not causing you to think of these things to come, but instead pointing you to prosperity, health, wealth, gold dust, angel feathers and seeking signs and wonders, then I exhort you to think of those who went before us for the truth’s sake. They died for their beliefs. Are we any different? Are we any better? No.

Any “gospel” that denies suffering is from hell.

We are to be of sober-minded, thinking on things above. This world is not our home. So let us not get too comfortable here.

As the end nears, let us exhort one another and encourage one another to stand strong for what lies ahead. For surely our lives are but a vapor–nothing compared to the joy that awaits us.

Be strong. Be vigilant in the truth always. Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us my brothers and sisters. Never.

Our brother, Axis4peace at youtube has given us this: