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Church, if you find me slightly sarcastic, either excuse me or move on. But what the heck can you expect when a grown woman wants to dress up like a clown and tell what she wants us to believe as the truth of God?! One which is so far from the truth to begin with?!

First off, what is it with the clown get up?! If I say it makes her look stupid in presenting her gospel does that make me unkind? I don’t think so. If you put yourself in a position by looking like an idiot, don’t complain when someone tells you you look like a moron. Example: Some young punk wants to walk around with his pants hanging down showing his butt for the world to see and then complains, “I wish people didn’t make fun of me. People just got to take me for what I am, man.” WRONG! Grow up! If you look like a fool or act like one, then do not gripe when someone that has more maturity or discernment comes along and tells you, “hey, was anyone ever been honest enough to tell you you look like an idiot?”

It’s like when a woman ask, “Hey, does this dress make me look fat?” Well, don’t ask unless you want an honest answer. You might be told, “Uh, yeah, actually it makes you look like a cow.” Now I know most people aren’t that bold. But still, would you at least not tell your friend don’t go out looking like that?

One would think what appears to be a grown woman here would know differently. So what IS her reason? Don’t flippantly hand me that scripture how God uses the foolish things. God is not to be mocked.

First off, this woman is not even speaking the oracles of God. She is one who either has been deceived or/and is in the buisness of deceiving others. Putting a little clown face on, doesn’t make the lie any cuter or acceptable.

She wants to know what the Bible says about gemstones. It says NOTHING about gemstones falling from heaven. Yet, she somehow manages to twist it by saying that the Word says all the things that Jesus did are not written in the bible. True. But that does not mean you get to make up your own doctrine at some point and say, “well, it’s not in the Bible BUT not everything Jesus did is.”

If I wanted to I could say it is not written in the Bible that I have permission to slap goofy people silly for their stupid little lies–but yet, I still have the right to do it, because well, gee, not everything is in the Bible! WRONG! These people are making up their very own doctrines right before our eyes and they want to call US religious if we challenge or test them!

She says everything has to point to Jesus. I am so sick of hearing that I could vomit! Yes, things do have to point to Jesus. But what Jesus, which Jesus??? When people create a Jesus in THEIR image it is a lie. No where in scripture are we taught half the stuff we are hearing being preached behind the pulpit these days! For pete sakes’ church wake up!

She teaches mainly from the old testament regarding precious stones involved in the worship of God. Precious stones being on the priestly garments AND originally on Lucifer. Hmm, it means nothing to Lucifer to throw down a few then, does it? That is IF you even believe this false sign and wonder. (Some have even been planted within the church among the people)

She says, “We see them covering Lucifer before he became Satan the fallen angel, the god of this earth. They were his covering. We see stones in heaven. The fiery stones that the angel Lucifer walked on before he was thrown out of heaven.”

I find that VERY interesting. See a connection? I do.

“I believe from what god’s shown me…”

I say God did NOT show her these things. So if God did not show her these things, then who did? One who is a liar. His name is Lucifer, Satan, the devil.

“…that precious gemstones from heaven will become a more and more common thing in the endtimes. I believe as you begin to worship, you’re bringing heaven’s atmosphere down on you.”

You know what? I’m even getting tired of them using that as an example of something. People, if this doctrine does not bring down “heavens’ atmosphere” to those who are DYING this minute for the true faith, then it aint real! It is a lie! It is nothing but to appeal to the senses. If you are ignorantly not worshipping the one true God then who do you think you are worshipping?

“God says he inhabits the praises of his people…and when you’re praising and worshipping, you’re bringing the glory of god down. And that means everything in heaven that is around the throne might be coming with you sometimes. People have seen all kind of things like gold dust, um, precious stones, um, precious stones in their hands…stones around them, all kinds of things like that. I personally believe it is from god because it always points toward god and it always has to do with worship…”

Well, I personally believe it is of the devil. So one of us has got to be wrong. And because the Word tells me that in the last days there will be false signs and wonders, why would I believe her over the Word of God?

Lots of things have alway pointed to god in the past and people drank the kool-aid anyway. Find out what god before you worship it.

“…you can look up these scriptures and pray about it but I believe it is going to become more and more common. Going to be more of a normal thing. Just like appearances of angels more and more common. The atmosphere of heaven, people being healed. All kinds of miraculous things. These are things that are suppose to take place in every day life.”

What is going to take place is a great delusion. My Bible tells me to TEST things, so one of is wrong.

None of her teaching has ANYTHING to do with gemstones falling from heaven. Yet, the people STILL seek after them.

Look, I don’t hate this woman, though my words may sound harsh. She probably is a real nice perosn. Maybe she goes to childrens’ hospitals dressed up like a clown and puts on shows for them or something. Personally, I LOVE clowns. I had my own clown costume with my little monkey puppet and entertained the children many times at the children’s home I used to work at. But there is a time and place for everything, church. Can you not see it?

For the record, anyone who wants to come here and bash me for my opinions on this, forget it. You will not have your comments posted. If this woman can say “read the Bible,” then I say it to you also. Got a problem with what I have said…show me in the Bible where we can expect gemstones flying out of heaven. Other than that…just go on and keep believing what you want. I’m not interested in discussing why you believe this nonsense.

We are warned Satan will come with many signs and wonders. What is that some of you people will will NOT test things???