Bob Jones vision or whatever he wants to call it, reminds me of something that happened to me last year when I found out about the Tod Bently circus.

Being completely freaked out with the apostacy and the delusion going on, I ran to the Word of God and began a time of intense Bible study and prayer. It was a season of much learning on my own as God began to open my eyes to the truth in many areas.

It did not come without a price. I had bad dreams. Some things I am not even sure were dreams–but perhaps visions or some strange things. Either way, I was not searching them out.

I had a number of dreams, visions whatever. A couple of them I saw little 3 foot things running around my home. They were like very small impish children and they were doing bad things. Writing on the walls these weird symbols. Messing things up. Bringing utter chaos. It was only when I began to pray that those things fled.

Bob Jones saw similar things but he calls them angels. One was Charlie. BJ says they told him they were not angels, but “beings.” Hmmm, could it have been lying spirits in front of him? I believe so because this man either as a brain tumor (no joking) or either one of the greatest heretics out there.

Now I know there are some who right away will threaten me with, “do not touch God’s annointed,” in saying what I did. To you I would say, what gives you the right to put your own opinion over mine? Your fear of not testing things for yourself? The idea that you have to bow to man’s teachings as if he is some great one? Perhaps you just love to have your ears tickled with such nonsense?

We both can not be right. I chose to believe Bob Jones is a heretic and a false teacher.  One day we will stand before a Holy God and be judged for who and what we followed on this earth. The Word of God tells me, “An evil and adultress generation seeks signs and wonders.” BJ is just one of many seeking such things.  The man has OCCULT written all over him.

I find it odd that the “beings” had bread to give to the women. Interesting isn’t it? Eve was the first to be decieved and so it is today. Silly women following every wind of doctrine!

None of the “angels” or “beings” in my house were called Charlie, but I bet he was in there somewhere!