Someone told me that a friend of theirs does not like coming to this site because I am too “negative.” Well, exposing darkness and lies will not win you any popularity contests and I am not out to win any.

We are commanded to test all things. Yet, when some of us do and report our findings, we are told we are “negative, unteachable, rebellious, religious…blah blah blah.” I’ve heard them all.

It is love for the truth that I do what I do. It is love for the sheep and for the true Bride of Christ that I do what I do. I don’t have to prove it to anyone. My actions alone should be proof enough.

I have learned that there are those within church who will say they want you to use your “gifts,” talents or abilities–and they will gladly let you use them. All but one; and that is discernment.

So, if you have a problem with the things I put on this site; then I ask you, why are you not testing things? Are you not aware of what God says in His Word that He will send delusions in the last days? Yet, some of you have been so indoctrinated that you must trust man, your church, your pastor to the point where you yourself have stopped testing a thing.

So do not blame me for the things you see me putting out here. I speak the truth concerning these things. These things are occultic and for anyone to believe otherwise is a lie and a delusion you are under.
There is no grey area here.