National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot

PARIS — Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School will be the site of a National Guard riot control drill Thursday morning to prepare in the event of a panic over distribution of serum to treat the swine flu.

RedeemedHippie:[I believe the only “panic” we will see, will be one the governement creates with their lies and distortions.]

The school on Route 26 at the Paris-Norway town line has been designated by state officials as a distribution site for the H1N1 flu vaccine. The drill is to prepare for a worst-case scenario should the serum have to be transported from Augusta and people rush to get it.

Redeemedhippie:[That is IF people rush to get it. I don’t believe the majority of the nation who who do not trust this government will be rushing to do any such thing. But that is just my opinion.]

On Thursday morning, four or five National Guard Humvees will travel from Augusta to Paris with vials of fake serum.

RedeemedHippie:[Fake serum–or so we are told. What is keeping them from bringing actual vials of H1N1 with them? After all, it is a man made flu to be used to depopulate the earth. At least that is what I believe..]

The National Guardsmen will take on the roles of panicked citizens and military police and practice what they would do, such as using tear gas, in the case of a riot.

RedeemedHippie:[Yep, bring out the tear gas and God knows what else against “panicked” American people.]

“This is just a component of moving the stuff from point A to B,” said Oxford County Emergency Management Agency Director Scott Parker. The plan will be put into place only if needed, he said.

Plans were developed in April to have vials of serum sent from the federal government to Augusta, Parker said. From Augusta, the supplies will be transported to designated distribution centers.

During the April conference, concerns were raised about a possible out-of-control rush on the serum, Parker said. Because of that concern, Gov. John Baldacci and Gen. John Libby, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, agreed that a plan should be devised to quell such a disturbance.

RedeemedHippie:[“Disturbance” meaning one of government creating so they can gain power and you lose freedoms.]

Local police chiefs have also been involved in the planning, Parker said. In a real event, local police would be in charge of security once the serum arrives in Paris. “We own it. We’re in charge of providing security,” he said.

RedeemedHippie:[Something about those words “We own it” does not sit right with me. It implies they can do whatever they want to with it.]

As of Aug. 5, the Maine Center for Disease Control said there had been 323 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Maine, of which 176 are Maine residents and the rest out-of-staters diagnosed in Maine. A total of 19 people required hospitalization. Sixty percent of the victims were under the age of 25.

On Tuesday, health authorities reported Maine’s first death from the H1N1 virus. Dr. Dora Anne Mills, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control, said a York County man in his 50s was hospitalized for three weeks and died last week of underlying conditions complicated by H1N1.

The drill will take place behind the school and will not affect the day-to-day activities within the school. Access to the school building will be available through the main entrance, Parker said.

RedeemedHippie:[Something about this just sounds plain FISHEY to me. But I guess we all know within a couple months or so what the truth is.]