Article originally called, “God is bringing them out.” I had written it in the presence tense in order to send it to the young woman, which I did. She did not receive it so I have changed it’s format just a little.

I’ve seen a lot this past year with the apostasy running rampant within the church. I’ve seen heretics who smoke baby Jesus, toke off a little plastic lamb, crying out to come into the wine cellar and drink, drink drink. I’ve seen Tod Bentley calling down fire and angels and telling the lie God said, “You have to get the people to believe in the angel.”

The apostasy will grow worse and worse as God Himself will send the delusions to those who have no love for truth. I’ve seen so much, it has angered me, as some of you well know.

A couple weeks back I found the following video (which the maker has taken down now.) It had given me great hope that some will hear the true voice of the Shepherd. It had given me hope that some are being called out of that whore who lays with liars and deceivers. Those who are the pockets of remnant here and there. Such as who I thought at first about the young woman below. (You will not be able to see the video–she took it down.)

I noticed some of the comments she was getting were not encouraging her call to holiness. So I wrote her (sending her this post) and commended her for her courage and conviction. But she made it clear she was still going to get high and drunk off Jesus.  I believe she did not want her youtube friends mad at her for bringing their darkness to the forefront and exposing their deceptions. I believe she could not deal with the rejection that persecution brings.

I transcribed the video back then:

“I’m standing up for what is in my heart. And if you have an issue with this, please just delete me. I really don’t care…I‘m not against you guys, I‘m just trying to bring us back into His place where we were at originally.”

Ok–in all fairness to this young woman–she needs to know that wherever they were originally, probably was not the truth to begin with. Why? Because Jesus (the truth) the cornerstone was rejected in this movement. They created their own Jesus with their religion. But I do hear her heart cry. Obviously something does not set right with her and she desires to go back to a time when it felt right. But it would be the same as this: Suppose you and some of your friends just start out smoking a little dope, then went on to harder things. One of the friends becomes a junkie. You see it ruining their life. There is nothing you can do. Do you desire to just go back where you originally started–where it all began–or do you wish you never started anything to begin with? If the foundation stinks from the beginning, the building is corrupt.

“This is a call to holiness, guys. This is a call to holiness.”

I believe she means it.

“You know, this whacked up movement, it started out…I don’t even know when it started out. When I got into it a year ago, um, you know, I started to experience the Lord’s bliss and His ecstasy and his love and all that stuff and it was so amazing, guys.”

It started over two decades ago with the leaven of Rodney Howard Brown. Before this young woman was even born. It went from holy laughter to one of complete drunkenness. I am reminded of the scripture:

Mark 9:42 “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.

Those adults within this heretical movement would do well to remember that scripture. These adults have caused many young people to stumble with their doctrine. Yes, their doctrine. These adults have taught the young people that anyone who wants to use the Word of God to test things are “religious.” Such hypocrites, while they themselves, create their very own doctrine! I get angry when I see how supposedly mature adults lead the younger ones astray with their new religion that has absolutely nothing to do with the truth.

It is no difference than having someone of drinking age, steal your child–get them drunk, shoot them up with dope while telling them the whole time, “See, I am really your friend. I’m making you feel good, aren’t I? Trust me.” Such is the wiles of the devil! If you would not allow your child to be snatched like that, then how can anyone defend these apostates?!

“And everybody was a little community.”

This is very revealing. She, like any of us, desires a sense of belonging. We want to feel a part of something. When I was in the hippie movement it appeared to be a beautiful thing. There was peace, love and togetherness. I loved that camaraderie. But just take a stand on the side of truth and see how many friends remain. It didn’t take me long to see it was a fake sense of camaraderie.

“However, offense cropped in? People wanted to really offend religion. And it became a big deal to offend religion. It wasn’t so much about can I please Jesus but more can I offend religion. How much more can I offend religion.”

First off these people could never offend religion. Because this movement and the people within it are religious. Religion makes up it’s own doctrine such as what has come about in the whore who pretends to be the Bride of Christ. At the time I thanked God that this young woman was brave enough to come out and expose the agenda of the whore. What is it? To offend the Bride of Christ with the images they have created for the rest of us to follow, or else we get mocked, ridiculed, attacked for daring to be Bereans. Vile deceivers!

“There’s people on you tube, I’m not going to name any names but making videos simply for the fact of, making videos just to act like they’re whacked up. I’m sorry guys but, most of the videos I’ve seen recently–I’m not judging you guys–but I think you’re taking it a little too far.”

They began to take it too far before she was even born. But that is not her fault. Someone told her it was ok to be “Whacked up, juiced up, high, drunk.” It was NOT the Holy Spirit telling her this. It was and is a lying spirit that would have her to believe that Jesus is some slobbering, drunken, wiped out God who desires the same for you.

“The Lord doesn’t want you to constantly be trying to do something. If you’re in his presence and whacked up, that’s fine. If you’re high as a kite and you’re drunk in His glory, that’s fine. But if you’re faking it guys, there’s no reason to fake it.”

No, actually none of it is fine, little sister. Because you see, the Word of God does not teach being whacked up, juiced up, jacked up, high or drunk. It just does not. So, if the Word of God does not teach it, then who is teaching it? Man, under the influence of demons is teaching it.

See, in Acts it was the mockers who were saying the disciples were drunk to get people NOT to listen to the Word of God going out. It was not because they acted drunk, it was because the mockers were trying to discredit them.

“…there’s sobriety where you can read the Word and learn and stuff.”

Amen, little sister! Amen! We are called to be sober minded because our adversary the devil walks about seeking whom he may destroy.

“Second thing I want to talk about: immorality. I’ve seen so many people in this movement who’ve come to me and they are just so immoral. You know they swear, they do everything you can possibly imagine.”

“Guys, I understand, we’re saved by grace…we all fall short of the glory of God…however, if you’re using grace as a reason to sin, I don’t think you’ve ever experienced true grace. Because true grace takes you away from that place of wanting to sin.”

“Third thing are all the other attacks, all the other things you may do, drinking, porn, anything…”

She has just exposed the unfruitful works of darkness. I wonder how many friends she will have left? And I wonder how many will truly let her go without trying to talk her into getting whacked up with them in Jesus.

“The second immorality is the way people are viewing Jesus. It’s gone away from experiencing him to experiencing his gifts, signs and wonders in the way he encountered you rather than him as the person. It’s gone away from loving him to loving being whacked, love being high, love being drunk…”

“I’ve been finding out about people ‘having orgasms with Jesus.’ Ok, guys, this is not Jesus. It’s demonic….There has to be a cry of holiness. There has to be a hunger and a desperation for holiness.”

Wow! She just told us what the truth is behind it. Did some of us not say months ago this Jesus they are creating is sensual, so far from the real Jesus–so much so that it is a devil? Bride of Christ, this is vile and wicked. Satan knows his time is short. Oh, the delusions that are to come are great!

“Otherwise that presence of god that you’re so desperate for, is going to go away. You’re going to be stuck high and dry.”

Little sister, let us hope and pray that what you and your friends have experienced DOES go away. Because this is not the real Jesus, my little friend.

“The last thing I want to talk about is religion. Guys, religious people are not our enemy. Their our sisters and brothers. As long as they love Jesus they are our sisters and brothers.”

Ok, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.” For the sake of truth here: If someone serves or loves a different Jesus than I do, they are not my sister or brother. If someone serves or loves a Jesus that has orgasms with them it is not my Jesus. If someone loves a Jesus that tells me it is ok to get stoned or whacked, it is not my Jesus. So please little sister, think about this.

“Yes sometimes their doctrines, sometimes they put their mind too much into the Word. Too much in doctrine and too much in to theology. And not so much in the Lord‘s presence…”

Ok, we need to get something straight here. First off never and I mean never make excuses for ever wanting to be in the Word of God. If anyone tells you or gives you the impression it is not all that important, they are a liar and the truth is not in them. IF you do not put your mind on the Word, you will be open to every deception out there. And secondly, how can they judge what any of us “religious” people’s experience with the presence of the Lord is? How do they even have that right when they do not even follow the same Jesus as we do? And they do not.

We are called to put on Christ. Why would any of us want to defile ourselves with drunken garments, defiled by strong drink? Why would any of us believe that He is a crazed imbecile sitting on His throne in heaven, playing the jester or some clown? One with a joint in one hand and a glass of booze in the other yucking it up? He’s not, because as this young woman says, He is holy. And he is looking for a holy people. Not the drunkards. As it is written they will not enter the kingdom of heaven. So why on earth would I or anyone want to follow their lying abominable heretical Jesus?

Why would you little sister? Why would you? When having done all, stand, little sister, stand!