USA Officials will BLACKMAIL citizens to take deadly swine flu vaccination!

I knew it! This is EXACTLY what I have been telling people; get the vaccine OR get quarantined into a FEMA camp! People thought I was crazy, people made light of it as if it some small matter, people have ignored my warnings. I HOPE I am wrong, but all signs point to this vile administration trying to pull something off to gain complete power over our lives!

WAKE UP AMERICA! IFthis is true and I have no reason to doubt it; think about it–think how smug Obama and his administration are– think of how quickly they want to get their healthcare plan passed– think of the 50 SOMETHING Czars he has put into place who answer to no one but him! (That means those in congress have to bow to THEM)Think THINK THINK! Do NOT put this on the back burner. Do NOT be apathetic or fatalistic! Search the matter out for yourself!

What will you do, should all hell break out within the next couple months? STAND! In the meantime start preparing your home to hunker down if you must. Get basic supplies, enough to last at least a month. Food, water, personal hygiene supplies, etc. THINK! THINK NOW how you will resist this, if you chose to! Get a plan for the sake of your loved ones! Even for your pets. But above all PRAY that you will be able to stand!

91177info From youtube gives us this: