I say the following video is a lie.

PK claims blue sapphire and diamond glitter came in their midst. The clip of them all together starts at about 1:20. They all are laughing. Makes me wonder what are they laughing about. Perhaps at the thought of making fools out of those who believe this nonsense?

At approximately 2:18 into the video a woman comes up to JM. She reaches out gingerly to touch his sleeve. He looks a little unsettled. Could it be he is afraid of being found out the ‘Sapphire’ glitter is nothing more than a cheap parlor trick?

At 2:40, his hands are ‘dripping oil’ over two glasses. His hands are clenced. Notice how the camera pans away and then comes back in. His hands are opened. Wha la, nothing up the ol’ sleeve, huh, Josh?

PK says, “Heavenly signs of sapphire, just like it says in the Bible.” No, PK, the Bible says nothing of heavenly signs of sapphire coming to the earth. Once again you twist the word of God to suit your own delusions.

“Just a little glimpse of what we have happen at our meetings.”

Even if this stuff was true–which I have no reason to believe is–God does not honor lies and deceptions. We are told false signs and wonders church will come in the endtimes. Why should I believe this?

She says at one point in trying to describe something, “I wonder if I got this story right.” Yeah, a lot of us wonder that!

The signs “made them want to worship.” I just have to say here, church, that we have precious brothers and sisters the world over, who are in prison and suffering for the true faith. They worship God WITHOUT these signs and wonders!

“I just wanted to worship God.” Which God, PK, are you actually worshipping by not being truthful?

She asks JM, “Did the Lord tell you to come and release angels in my house?” Of course he humbly said yes.

I would not want these people coming to my house trying to release anything!

She says near the end, “some people get so upset about these things.” I wonder why? Could it be because we know you are lying and are deceiving so many!

“The signs make me want to worship Him.” There you have it, church. Their reason for these fake signs and wonders. Their purpose is to help set up God in their image. Therefore bringing in another Jesus for us to all to worship. I will NOT bow down to their Jesus!

Oh, and for a small price you can buy “the DVDS and SEE all the sapphire GLITTER and diamond GLITTER.” Yes that is right, cheap glitter you can buy at any craft store!

“Woah” as she starts making her sale pitch to manipulate you.

“I’m getting a download right now” And she laughs. She laughs because she knows she has made fools of those who believe this nonsense and what does she get for it? MONEY!