Ok, I don’t know much about Alex Jones. But it appears, he is saying what others are saying. Except in this expose he tells us New Zealand, Canada and other countries are coming out and saying the virus is contaminated. It appears to be done by willfull criminal and gross negligence.

Somehow this goes back even to the 1918 flu.

This whole sham is to create a pandemic and fear.

I’ve read more than once it was a man-made virus to begin with. If so, for what purpose other than eugenics or/and bioterror?

You can bet anti-christ is on the earth IF this is true. He is waiting for all hell to break lose so he can come as “World Teacher” and lead us all into a brotherhood of sharing and justice. There will be no justice for those who refuse to bow to him or his government he intends to create.

Search the matter out.