If you can not take anger, this post is not for you, so I warn you ahead of time. It would be best if you move on.

Pig cop = one who uses excessive force against a civilian. Who is brutal and compromises the oath to protect the citizens who pay them. Of such a one, I have no respect for!
I can not believe my eyes! This could be YOUR mother! How dare this bullish pig cop to do this to an old woman! How dare them! People wake up! It is love waxing cold! No regard for the elderly! From what I see she was just a little old lady walking with a cane! Anyone that has been around the elderly knows they are weak and feeble! She lays on the pavement with her head bleeding!

This happened in a Walmart parking lot in Ohio!

Suppossedly she had a knife. BIG deal. Even I was taught when I worked with smart punk kids how to defend myself from them without hurting them. The woman is in her 80s for Pete sakes! She may not have been in her right mind, she may have had a sugar drop, she may have had Altzimers, who knows??? But to throw her on the pavement like this?! WRONG! What if it had been YOUR mother!

Hey you stinking vile putrid PIG woman cop that threw her on the ground, you who are supposed to protect and uphold the law… I hope you are fired but good and NEVER get another job “defending” the American people! People are NOT going to be standing for this kind of abuse and crap!

TheFalseOswalds from youtube gives us this: (warning–it is very disturbing)

Part 2

Listen to this man. He makes sense. Let’s do what he says; have our cameras ready people!