Now in all honesty, a twitch or wink of the eye could mean many things. It could mean a simple twitch from over using your eyes. It could mean a neurolgical dosorder. It could even be brought on by stress. (My eye used to twitch like crazy when I worked with some ill-behaved kids.)

What stands out to me in this video is not so much the twitch, but the doctor’s eye expressions. Eye expressions can tell a lot about someone. With this typical eye expression; one of widening the eyes –to me it represents a type of deceit, over exaggeration and lying.

Notice when the good doctor is asked about getting his shot, he first says what either sounds like, “I did” OR it could have been the beginning of, “I didn’t.” I hear a slight nnnn sound. Do you?

“Terriffic. Actually it hurt less than my regular influenza vaccine which always tingles for about an hour.”

I find this VERY manipulatiave. He may as well be talking to a bunch of children tricking them into getting a shot. Remember as a child when you were told, “It won’t hurt.”

Well guess what? They lied back then too. It hurt like heck as a small child.

The doctor is one of the experts advising the CDC. The CDC state that the elderly have higher levels of immunity to the virus.

So why did he even get a shot, that is IF he did? One–either the elderly will not be offered this shot and he got his. Or two, he lies and many elderly will fall prey to this virus or vaccine. What to believe?

One shot=very little immunity
Two injections will be required three weeks apart.
Children younger than 9 years old will require 4 shots. WHAT????

Do a search on Sqalene. It is in the vaccination.

“We anticipate on giving it to a very large number of people in the United States.”

When do they plan to start? September.