Stinking Pigs Tazer old man with no legs!

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What on earth is wrong with the police now days?! And we are suppose to trust them? NEVER! Not these kinds of cops! NEVER!
Somebody tell me how an unarmed old man with no legs in a wheelchair could possibly be any danger to a bunch of thug cops!

“The State Doesn’t Own My Body!”

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N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine
Saying They Should Be Given A Choice, Employees Rally In Albany, Around State, Chant “No Forced Shots!”
Protesters Hold Signs That Read: “The State Doesn’t Own My Body'”

They’re upset over an ultimatum from the health department.

Workers are being told to either get the swine flu vaccine or lose their jobs.

New York is the first state in the country to mandate flu vaccinations for its health care workers. The first doses of swine flu vaccine will be available beginning next week. Much of it is reserved for state health care workers, but there is growing opposition to required innoculations.

Health care workers in Hauppauge screamed “No forced shots!” as they rallied Tuesday against the state regulation requiring them to roll up their sleeves.

“I don’t even tend to the sick. I am in the nutrition field. They are telling me I must get the shot because I work in a health clinic setting,” said Paula Small, a Women, Infants and Children health care worker.

Small said she will refuse, worried the vaccine is untested and unproven, leaving her vulnerable. In 1976, there were some deaths associated with a swine flu vaccination.

Registered nurse Frank Mannino, 50, was also angry. He said the state regulation violates his personal freedom and civil rights.

“And now I will lose my job if I don’t take the regular flu shot or the swine flu shot.”

When asked if he’s willing to lose his job, Mannino said, “Absolutely. I will not take it, will not be forced. This is still America.”

The protest also shook Albany Tuesday. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded freedom of choice. After all, as health care professionals they argue they’re already constantly washing their hands and aren’t likely to transmit or contract the flu.

Around 500,000 health care workers are slated to receive the vaccine.

“It’s certainly their prerogative to voice their opinion,” said Dr. Susan Donelan of Stony Brook University Hospital.

Donelan said most in the medical community see the benefits and safety of the shots and welcome them, and that hospitals must obey the law.

“Our hospital is committed to following the mandate to have our personnel vaccinated,” she said.

The state said change was needed this year to save lives, typically only about 45 percent of health care workers take advantage of voluntary flu vaccines.

More than 150 institutional outbreaks of seasonal and H1N1 flu are expected this year in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers.

New York and New Jersey will get their first doses of the swine flu vaccine next week. It will be the nasal mist, not a shot.


Rick Warren False Peace And The Antichrist Agenda


Rick Warren fans or followers, wake up!

He said God tells him to find the man of peace. Hmm, looks to me like God would say find the man of truth. Peace without truth is compromise. There is such a difference, isn’t there?

Are you in Warren’s church? Come out of it. You are in a whore pretending to be the true Bride of Christ.

Some will find that statement shocking, no doubt. I ask you, why are you not testing things? God said there would be a falling away from the truth in the last days. What part of that do you not understand? Why do you judge me for being a Berean? Why do you adhere to teachings of men when God has told us to test all things?

Rather some of you would spend your time, just like the Pharisees — oh yes, it was the Scribes and Pharisees — that judged the truth as being a lie. They were so set in their ways, they wanted nothing of the truth. Think about it.



Prayer for a Hard Heart


I found the following on another blog and it touched me deeply. Maybe it is because so often times I feel hate in my own heart at times. I hate hate. I especially hate it in me.

“God, You will have to do something in my heart to help me love someone.

Hate has overtaken me, my heart is hard, toward someone. Help me with this Lord.”

So I pray for this person now: Father, as I pray for this special child of yours — you know who she is — I also pray for the same thing for me. For you know oh, Lord the things that cause us anger and hate. You know it oh so well. You see our hearts, Lord, that we long to please You but we fail when we hate others. We hate it when we fail you. Which brings even more condemnation. You’ve not called us to hate but to love and this we know. Lord it is not within us to love those who attack and hurt us. But of course You know that. That is why You sent your Son to live in us because even if we could love and forgive, our love and our forgiveness would never be good enough. It still would never be good enough, for You are the only One perfect enough to love. I ask for my sister that you help her right now. You have seen the trials that she just has been through. You know the heart aches she has suffered and Lord, she knows, oh yes, we both know, You still are not done with us. But you have promised that You who began a good work in us are faithful to complete it. We trust You with this, Lord and even though I do not know this sister personally, I know she believes and knows the same things also. So we stand. We stand together though miles apart as one in knowing who You are and what You can do through us. For without you we can do nothing. I ask that you have mercy and remember our frame, that we are but dust. Take my sister’s heart and gently mold it into what you desire. You have made her a merciful person, this I sense. May the mercy she has shown others come back to her many times over. May your tenderness come into her heart and further shape Her in your image. Comfort her also, Lord with your peace. Like the scripture says, “Be still and know that I am God.” You have overcome all things, God. This we praise You in. Even in our greatest weakensses and sins, You have overcome. You have overcome the darkness. You have overcome the pain of watching suffering in loved ones. You have overcome the hate that comes upon us when we do not forgive. Help us to forgive, Lord. Help us to forgive any and all that would make us angry or hurt us. Better yet, Lord, forgive through us because our forgiveness is not good enough and never will be. You are love and we desire to love others as You love us. May you be more than enough right now for my sister, Jesus. May you be more than enough. Thank You Lord for your faithfullness to us. Thank You for mercies you have already shown and mercies to come. Fill my sister’s heart with Your peace and may she know it is well within her soul. Comfort her in all afflictions and speak peace to her heart. It is nothing to you Lord to take a hard heart and soften it. You know exactly how to do it. We trust our hearts to no one else but You. You are gentle and lowly. You are the good Sheperd and You lead us into green pastures. Where else can we go, if not to You, Jesus? We love you Lord. We love You and adore you. Watch over my sister and bless her and keep her forever and forever. Help her to rest in You, Lord. May You be all she needs now and forever. And Lord will You let her know somehow I love her and care? Thank You, Lord for being more than enough for any and all of us.

Joel Osteen vs. Paul Washer and PERSECUTION


I’m sure this will make some people angry. But, they both can not be right now, can they? I don’t think so. Decide for yourselves which Gospel is the truth for all nations, especially among the poorest and the persecuted. I think the answer is simple.

If the world loves the people you esteem in the church, be careful. Because Jesus said we would be hated for his Name’s sake. Does the world love your teachers or do they despise them?

Still have trouble knowing which gospel is true? Then watch the following.

Time to wake up BLACK AND WHITE…



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