When one deceitful man esteems another decietful man, I just have to ask why? I believe it is because they support one another in their deceitful deeds. Rick Joyner is as every bit as false as Tod Bentley. He too, is a manipulator, and Church we need not fear those who speak lies.

RJ lies when he says if you do not agree with restoring Tod Bently (meaning see him come back bigger and greater) than you are not spiritual.

Well, I guess I must not be spiritual because just as I want to see another man inthis nation FAIL at what he stands for, I want to see TB FAIL in his revivals. For he is a liar and a deceiver who practices the occult!

So RJ, you do NOT get to manipulate me with that one.

I wonder how RJ is discerning the times right now?