A little over a year ago, a friend was watching the Lakeland Revival on T.V. For some reason, he said, he took his cell phone and took a picture of the young girl who was suppossed to be prophysing, “This is of God! This is of God!”

He did not think much more of it until he checked the picture out on his phone. This is the image he captured.

When I saw it a chill went through me. I don’t know what it is. Is it God, the devil or is it a mans’ shadow? You decide.

But I will give you my observations. Yes, it could be the shadow of someone’s hands raised into the air. However, look where the hands are on the girl. Still creepy.

It could be the hands of a devil pulling her into further deception as that revival was NOT of God with all the occult practice that went on there. Which would make it even more creepy.

Or if it is the hand of God — though I doubt — it would only be trying to reach up and save her from the delusion.

You decide.

Whose Hands?

Whose Hands?