Recently I invited some people over for a meal. I was told they would come. I prepared a big meal. Was in the kitchen a good two hours. I wanted it to be a special evening, with prayer and song and maybe even play a game or two. Something special I had planned for my guests with joy. It was to be an evening of blessing for them for that was what was in my heart.

The time came for them to arrive and they did not show. Some more time passed. Finally a phone call saying they were not coming. I don’t know why. My heart sank. I had so much just wanted to bless them with that night and they did not know.

I even thought about going outside to see if there was anyone walking down the street that I could call in and invite to my dinner and evening that I just wanted to bless.  

But instead, I got depressed. I know even more not to put my hope in people. For it is much better to put our hope in God and God alone.

I told a friend the next day. She told me I should have gotten my guitar out and played for the Lord anyway.

I got to thinking, how many times has the Lord called us to sup with Him? How many times has He wanted to call us unto Himself just so He could bless us with His presence? Many many times. How many times have we ignored Him for whatever reasons? Many times. 

My friend was right. The next time I will get my guitar out and play just for the Lord. He is the only One who truly matters anyway. He is the One who loves our souls like no other. He alone is worthy of all that attention.