I originally wrote this a year ago under the title of “Wicked Singing Angels.” Since then, I have not been able to find it. I don’t know if I accidentally deleted it or lost it. Either way, I sense I am to write it down again and put it up one last time. Please know now, I have never sought out angels. Other than years ago praying God send angels to minister to people. But I even stopped that. The way I see it, Jesus being all knowing, all powerful and everywhere at the same time — I would rather see Him go and minister to someone, so that is what I ask. For He truly is the best One suited for any job.

There will be those who will judge this as God getting even with her or something along that nature for daring to test something (a revival) and calling it profane.

I do not care.

This is what happened a little over a year ago. I had been made aware of a revival. Being one who has tested everything for years, I went online and tested it. What I saw and heard was manipulations, lies, deceptions, mocking, men and women esteeming one another in their dark occult practices. One big circus from hell.

I saw it so clearly — surely others would see it — and I made my beliefs known. I was not received. It was the very same spirit that came against me when I became a Christian in 1976. I was so excited about finding Jesus back then, I told everybody and in my child-like innocence thought for sure everyone would want to know Him. Wrong. As it was back then so it was a year ago. No one was interested.

I began to run to the Word of God and began to just drink in the truth of God. I began to pray for His Bride. His true Bride, whoever, where ever she is. I began to meet others — you know who you are, precious ones — who could see the same things I saw.

I began to hate deception even more. Because I saw it leading masses of people away from the true Gospel.

One day after much seeking the scriptures, I laid down in broad day light to take a nap. My body was exhausted in studying and in having no one to express these things to other than a blog I had found at the time of like-minded people.

The sun was shining as I laid down and it was one of those times where it felt great to be in my own bed. I quickly fell asleep. Then all of a sudden my eyes were opened and I could see the sunlight coming into my room. But, I was paralyzed. I could not move. I began to hear beautiful voices of rapturous singing coming from afar off. It was thousands and thousands of beautiful voices. I heard beautiful instruments I had never heard in this lifetime. I can not tell you what they were. It was getting closer and closer and I began to think, “It is so beautiful, it is the angels praising God!” It was getting closer and closer until it filled up my whole bedroom! I was thinking along these lines, “Oh what beauty! Oh what is this that the angels sing of My Lord!”

Then all at once I heard what their beautiful voices were singing. Such vile abominable blasphemies against my Jesus! Such horrid things that Hollywood nor the music industry could ever come up with! I had never felt such fear and onslaught of wickedness in my life. I sat up in bed and began to cry out to Jesus, “No! No, Lord, make these vile things go away! I do not want to hear these things! Oh God deliver me! May I never remember one word they are singing! Save my soul from this blasphemous assault!”

The voices kept singing. I sensed the Lord tell me, “Sing, child, sing.” So I began to sing aloud a hymn. I can not be certain now what it is, as I have lost the original writing of this, but I believe I was singing, “Oh the Blood of Jesus” or “There is power in the blood of Jesus.” Or it could have been any hymn. I just don’t remember now which one it was. I just know it was not some cutesy meaningless little worship/praise song that is just one of many being sung today.

When I began to worship, the angels left.

I was still laying in bed, with the sense I was awake but still could not move. It felt like I was awake is all I can say. Perhaps I had been asleep. I do not know.

Then a man who appeared as my husband came to me. But it was not my husband. I told it, “You are not my husband. Get away from me. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” It spoke soothingly to me as if it were my husband. I will not tell what this thing tried to do. But it was vile. I rebuked it three times and then it was gone.

I then began to come to in a way to try and move. If I could just move one finger, just one muscle, then I would be released from this horrible inability of not being able to move.

I could hear my husband in the next room milling about. I cried out to him three times. Or thought I had. Finally one of the calls got to him. He came in and still I was not sure if it were him or that thing. I asked, how many times had I called him. He said just once. I managed to move and sat up on the side of the bed and began crying telling him what had happened.

He did not know what to think. He did believe it was an attack. Uh, yeah, I think so too.

Blessedly, I can not remember one word those devils were singing. And I thank a holy God because I know if I remembered one stanza, it would be something that would make me go insane. That is how terrible it was.

I asked the Lord why? Why did He allow this thing to happen. I believe He showed me it was part of the deceptions that will come in the end times. They will look and sound so very beautiful. Some will even appear unearthly (they will be). Such things will come that if the Saints of God are not discerning, we too will be caught up in such deceptions.

Not every beautiful song written was inspired by God. Not everything that looks beautiful will be of God. Lucifer’s role in heaven was worship leader. He was the most beautiful angel out of them all. We are warned he will come as an angel of light.

The church has been taught not to discern. They have been taught it is rebellious to go against a teaching that has been taught for years. I say along with a lot of you, go and see what the Word of God says in all things.

If anyone, and I mean anyone — even if it is me — makes you feel like you do not have the authority to test something with the Word of God, then either try to reason with them in getting them to come to the full truth of the Word of God or shake the dust off your feet. Because we are told in the last days they will not endure sound doctrine.

Greater delusions come upon the earth. Greater than what we saw a year go. But for those who love truth, we will have no fear of men and their teachings. But for those who do not love the truth — they will believe delusion after another. As the true church is being transformed from glory to glory, the harlot will be following delusions to delusions. I know there are many here that are being transformed from glory to glory. You will continue in this because you have made it all about the true Jesus. Not in some false image that liars and deceivers set up for us to worship.

The whole world is under the sway of the wicked one. Has been for years. But he sees his time is short now. He will be coming at the Bride of Christ with a vengeance at some point. We are told to be alert, to test all things and to stand.

So let us stand, Church, stand!

Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world!

Matthew 24: 3-5 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” 

And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you.  For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

Church, we do not need to hear one merely saying, “I am the Christ” to be deceived. It can come in one who claims a special “annointing.” The word Christ means: annointed