Now the “christian” version

“This generation is hungry for the mystery of God. This generation longs to experience God in a way in an abandoned way like never before. They long to release their passion for God. When we’re making decrees and we’re praising God. The music and your jumping, you’re dancing and moving around are the words we’re speaking becomes one at a cellular level in your body and it’s not like you’re learning it. It’s part of who you are. It’s no longer you have to study the Word. But when you’re inside of an infused atmosphere dancing and your body is moving and the Word is coming and the music is coming, it becoems part of you. and it’s like man, there’s a rythum and a sound and the repetivenes of the music the Word is driven in your body. Not just your mind, not just your soul but the whole mind body and soul. Ekstasis worship is when you go outside your mind…”

After watching this and you are able to discern something wrong, you must ask yourself, “If it is not God, then who?” The answer is simple: Lucifer, the very one who was the brightest of angels before he was cast out of heaven. His main job in heaven was music. Why would he not set his kingdom up within music here on earth wherever he could? Unfortuanately, a lot of christians have failed to test this and they are being swept away by Lucifer. OnlyLucifer would tell you you do not have to study the Word of God but instead let the music comsume you. He IS THE MUSIC!

And the people pushing this stuff? I don’t know their hearts, but they are either out right witches and warlocks or just very ignorant christians. You decide. As for myself, when the Word tells me Satan comes as an angel of light: I believe they know what they do. They lead many away with their gospel.