IF you can ignore this, then you simply want to be deceived. I beseech you to pass this on to others whether you believe it or not. Give someone else a chance to know the truth, even if you refuse to look at it.

For unless GOD intervenes, we all have just a short time to get ready with God. Within a matter of weeks, people. Prepare your hearts, for the day will come when it will be so dark, you may not be able to find Him should your eyes be opened to the terror around you. Cry out to Him now! Today is the day of salvation!

“There are people out there who really believe in population control. They really want to kill off the majority of the people in the world. It was in June this year in New York city, that a group of billionaries met.”

Who was there? Mayor Michael Bloomberg, David Rockerfeller Jr., George Sorros, Ted Turner, Bill Gates.

On Warren Buffett>> “who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars for population control throughout the world. He’s alos financing programs of vaccinating little black children and brown children through out the world with mercury laden vaccines to destroy their virtility. They know exactly what they are doing. Warren Buffett was there, Oprah was there.”

“They’re going to target children and pregnant women. Why? This is where it will do the maximum amount of harm. It contains mercury…no safe dose of mercury.”

“You have to understand there are evil and wicked people out there. It is these people behind the occult that is going on all the things that are going on today…”