Rick Warren fans or followers, wake up!

He said God tells him to find the man of peace. Hmm, looks to me like God would say find the man of truth. Peace without truth is compromise. There is such a difference, isn’t there?

Are you in Warren’s church? Come out of it. You are in a whore pretending to be the true Bride of Christ.

Some will find that statement shocking, no doubt. I ask you, why are you not testing things? God said there would be a falling away from the truth in the last days. What part of that do you not understand? Why do you judge me for being a Berean? Why do you adhere to teachings of men when God has told us to test all things?

Rather some of you would spend your time, just like the Pharisees — oh yes, it was the Scribes and Pharisees — that judged the truth as being a lie. They were so set in their ways, they wanted nothing of the truth. Think about it.