Kim Clement False Election Prophecy


I believe there are three sources to voices; God, self, or Satan. I have nothing to base that on; just an opinion. I believe everything that comes out of our mouths are either one or the other. I hardly believe that anyone speaks God’s voice each and every second of the day.  Yet, when one claims to be speaking for God and God alone — does that make any one of us obligated to swallow their words as if they are truly speaking the oracles of God? No. We are told to test things. So, two people with opposing views can not be right, can they? I say Kim Clement is a false prophet of the biggest kind. You disagree? One of us is wrong. I say plainly before God and man, it is not me.

Prophecy gotten here:

From Harrisburg, PA March 29, 2008 – Harrisburg, PA

God says, there is a sway in the political arena, a change in your political world. Enough of this discussion about Jeremiah Wright. God said, this makes no difference. It is a spirit that has endeavored to rock and sway the people and to divide them. God said, I will sway it next week. Yes, I will, and because of Pennsylvania I will raise up the man I want, says the Lord, to rule and to reign and to declare victory in the Middle East.

RedeemedHippie:[Hmmm, sounds like the next prez was going to be someone for Israel. Obama is disgusted with Israel. So KC was wrong on that one. He spoke a lie.]

We declare victory in the Middle East tonight. We declare victory in America tonight.

RedeemedHippie:[These people with their declarations — is it nothing short of trying to create your own reality? It is a form of witchcraft. When do they ever ask God for anything? They can declare, declare, declare until the cows come home — but it still is not going to change a thing. KC changed nothing with his declaration. Israel right now is far from being victorious and America? WHERE is the victory, KC? Another lie.]

For the Spirit of God says hear oh people of Zion. Those who have been afraid in Zion, those who have been afraid in this nation, Fear not! For your news media has intimidated you and therefore it is My turn. Next week I will arise. I will change everything. For they have unfairly spoken against an African man and I’m not talking about Jeremiah Wright. I’m talking about Obama.

RedeemedHippie:[WHO has spoken unfairly about Obama? The Republicans at the time? Those who may have tried to warn the nation of his socialism that has even surpassed that now — into fascism? Who spoke unfairly about Obama and what was said? You lie, KC.] 

For God said even though you may think this or that there is an element of righteousness inside of him to reach out for Jesus.

RedeemedHippie:[Really? Then how come he reminds most christians with the least bit of discernment of an anti-christ? Where is that righteousness? KC where is your discernment? You have none because you are of your father, the devil — a liar. You are appeasing a wicked man with your words, KC.]

Therefore I will sway it next week says the Spirit of God and I will cause My man, My power to exalt in the White House what is necessary to declare victory. For this time I shall rise up and I shall make known who I am in a way that I have never done it in this nation, says the Lord.

RedeemedHippie:[In what way is that? In what way is it that God will make Himself known? I see him as a judge using Obama as an instrument of His judgment on the land, and you, KC, could not see it? Blind leader of sheeple is what you are!]

For the Spirit of God says, do not say is it this one or is it that one. Hear me out. I am raising up My mantle, My voice. This nation shall be awakened to a spiritual activity that has been dead for 42 years. Listen to me says the Lord. I will take over in a way and in a fashion that will bring a force of spiritual unity in this nation for the first time. You can believe it or not.

RedeemedHippie:[I choose not to believe it because I think you are full of it, KC.]

I will take white and I will take African, and I will bring a unity in the church between the two of them, says the Spirit of God.

RedeemdHippie:[Laughable if it was not so serious. Obama has done more harm to create division among black and white than any other prez. Another lie, KC.]

This night in America and this next week, God has informed us to watch as he unfolds and reveals things so that you will know that your nation has not been set aside for division and discord but a time in the church where African American, where white or Caucasian, where Hispanic and every race in this nation under the spiritual guidance of the Spirit within a midst of war and division will bring them to a place of unity.

RedeemedHippie:[More like a false revival coming again or perhaps the joining under anti-christ in which those of you, like KC have not learned to test things — and will be led astray by anything that comes down the pike? Jesus said He did not come to bring peace, but division. Truth does not mix well with lies. Light does not mix well with darkness.]

And God said where one race stood on the steps and covered the fields with million men marches and Jesus proclamations, there shall be one of the greatest gatherings at the Capitol that you have ever seen, says the Spirit of God. This time it shall not be black, it shall not be white, it shall not be Hispanic it shall not be from this or that belief but there shall be a unified sound.

RedeemedHippie:[There was a massive protest in September, but it was all conservative and mainly whites. So KC really got that one wrong.]

 Two years from now where they will hear the sounds of faith and unity and within this next reign, there will be laws that will be changed in favor of the most High God.

RedeemedHippie:[KC is lying. The only laws that will be passed are those that are being passed everyday and they are of the most vile and the most wicked coming from the most evil of people. The laws being passed are more anti-christ than any thing else. So one would have to ask, WHO is KC’s god if he is not speaking the truth?]

Not because of Democrat, not because of Republican, but because of spiritual unity and intervention. I will bring you out of what they call a recession into your highest economy that you’ve ever had in your next four years, says the Spirit of God.

RedeemedHippie:[We are in the beginning of a depression if not already in it. So another lie.]

Do not think it impossible, for it shall be so. For the gatekeepers of this nation are not the Mayors nor the Senators. The gatekeepers of this nation are not the Congressmen or the Congresswomen. Yes, they are gatekeepers but the gatekeepers (I am speaking of) of this nation are the spiritual leaders the Apostles and the Prophets the Teachers, the Evangelists the Pastors that I’ve raised up.

RedeemedHippie:[YAWN. KC and those like him are so full of themselves, it is a mockery that they even say the name of Jesus. And the rest of us within the church are suppossed to line up under these FALSE abomnible leaders/gate-keepers? I think not!]

And there shall be a sound of unity that will call from heaven the manifestation of God as it has never been in this nation.

RedeemedHippie:[There’s that word; sound. Everytime I hear these false prophets/teachers use it, I think of Lucifer being the leader of music in heaven. Manifestation of God? How about anti-christ possibly being prepared to be revealed on the earth. For the god KC talks for is not the God of heaven.] 

Get ready for your sons and yours daughters will prophesy just like Joel said in the last days. In the last days your sons and your daughters, they shall be prophets and prophetesses and your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall have visions. This is that time, says the Lord of hosts.

Let not your opinion cloud your spiritual mind.

RedeemedHippie:[Oh, that was a good one. In other words; do not use your brain. Do not test this prophecy. Oh what trickery. My opinion is this prophecy is dung to be burned along with every abomnible teaching that has ever crept within the church!]

You say, what are you saying? The Spirit of God says, call them not denominations rather abominations, for I am not speaking of these that have built walls.

RedeemedHippie:[In other words; if you are in a particular denomination — you better be lining up with these leaders in this apsotate movement or it is you who has the problem. Do NOT fear these lying tongues!]

I’m speaking of the true warriors that shall sway the political field, that will sway the justice. It shall be more than a million gathered, more than a million gathered! And God said they shall say Washington; what is this? This is a sound that we have never heard before.

RedeemedHippie:[Ahhh, that word again. YAWN. Lucifer is so full of himself.]

And God said I will take the entire Northeast and I will shake it and the double portion that I promised upon the Elisha generation shall be released. Do not say we are in recession, for I will take the oil crisis and bring it to an end and the rapidity of it shall take place because of the unity of the saints and the unity of the of the gatekeepers.

RedeemedHippie:[My goodness, see how important these eletists are within the church. BECAUSE of them, God will do such-n-such. Wow! Me thinks this is another KC lie.]

Get ready for what you have seen on the television regarding Jeremiah Wright and everybody else is not for evil but for good. I will turn it around and bring unity in My house says the Lord of Hosts.

RedeemedHippie:[What about Jeremiah Wright? Unity? Through what? Through false lying heretics? I think not.]

Your present President will not leave his office or his term in shame.

RedeemedHippie:[WHAT A WHOPPER! George Bush left as one of the most hated presidents of all time. So, another lie.]

There will be a very precise vindication of numerous things that were scorned, that were mocked by men that thought they knew but understood nothing. And when the baton is handed over, God said there shall be no fear in the nation. Now take that and be secure.

RedeemedHippie:[When they say, “peace and safety sudden destruction comes.” What an abomnible prophet you are, Kim clement! You speak words to tickle ears, you speak lies and say, “god says, god says,” when God has NOT said! No fear in the land? You lied! You lied!] 

I speak not as a politician tonight. I speak to you as a prophetic voice.

RedeemedHippie:[Once again, KC shows us how full of himself he is.]

Not tolerated but celebrated by the people. Stand firm, you and your house will serve the Lord. And as the prophet Joel said in the last days, your sons and your daughters… Sons and daughters are being raised up to prophesy and to have visions. Old men to dream the dreams. That mantle has been cast upon the Church. Therefore I would say Your time of acceleration has reached its peak. You’re taking off!

RedeemedHippie:[And I just bet I am not the only one that calls this prophecy a bunch of bull. Now two with opposing views can not be right. You decide if KC speaks the oracles or God or not. I say this: I fear God too much to swallow KC’s words or put my trust in him in the least to be hearing from God on my behalf. He is an enchanter and the truth is not in him — if so, it is very limited for he is a false prophet that speaks smooth things to people!]

False Prophetess: Julie Meyer


Recently, a good friend told me they went to an aglow meeting and the “annointing” was so “heavy” that there was a midst. Sorry, but a red light went up. I went online to see who was at the aglow meeting and it said Julie Meyers was so I had more reservations. I believe the woman is an enchantress. Such as many in the charasmatic movement today. They manipulate with emotions, they manipulate with words and body language. This is nothing short of a type of witchcraft. Don’t believe me? Just watch the following video.   

I suspect my friend, if she reads this will have nothing more to do with me. But oh well, what are you gonna do when you seek out the truth and find it lacking in so many ways. Who am I to follow? God or man? What am I to believe? Experiences or the Word? 

Julie Meyer; A false prophetess concerning the election of 2008.

Her animations have me bothered. And pleeease, don’t anyone tell me it is the holy spirit. She is over the top, if you will. There is a reason for this. I can not judge hearts as I am not God. Yet, I discern these theatrical gestures have a motive behind them, whether she knows it or not. Part of it has to do with controling the viewer and hearer. That my friend is manipulation — witchcraft, if you will.

She repeats a few phrases over and over as if her repetivenesss will make her “dreams” come to pass. 

Such theatrical expressions here: “I dreamed…I had it in a dream…I had an encounter with the Lord…The Lord said, “If you will pray I will set my Deborah in place”…It is about number two. (meaning Sarah Palin.)

A person can say they dream anything. It never means we have to believe it is from the Lord. If I told you I had a dream, I would NEVER expect you to just take my word for it if I told you it was from God. Just as I would NEVER just take your word if you told me the same thing if you had a dream.

Concerning her dream; President Bush “would tear down the altar of abortion…” I can’t but help think how many naive christians who listened to her rubbish went, “whoo Hoo!” as if the thing would come to pass.

“…and at the end of his presidency it would be said, he did what was right in the eyes of God.” Yeah? Well, it did not happen, did it. So what does it make someone who claims to speak for God and the thing does not pass? A FALSE prophet. Ah, but she is able to cover herself here:

“But what I believe is that the prophetic Word is never a guarantee. But it is an invitation to join the great intersessor himself and birth his purposes on the earth.”

What the??? The prophetic word is never a guarantee??? Really? That is not what the Word of God says:

DEUTERONOMY 13:1-5 “If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other gods’—which you have not known—‘and let us serve them,’ you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice; you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him. But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken in order to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of bondage, to entice you from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall put away the evil from your midst.

What are the other gods these dreamers want you to follow? THEM! They desire you to follow THEM. They desire you throw your discernment on the back burner, hop in line and follow them!

She describes how an angel came to her and handed her a scroll and she opened it and it said, “The plans have changed. For the cry of change is greater than mercy…what are you gonna do about it?”

It was about change Julie, and you did not see it. I suspect what handed you the scroll (if it happened in the first place) was not an angel as you describe but a deceiving mocking devil.

“…and I know this because I had it in a dream…”

Sorry. That just is not enough evidence for some of us that it is God, just because you dreamed something.

God have mercy on the apostates who have set themselves up in the church as our leaders!

Julie, stop the play acting, stop pretending.

Unbelievable OLD movie endorsing Sterilization in America


Talk about an excellent example of calling good evil and evil good! Watch this old movie. Nothing has changed except government becoming more involved in your life. Second part really portrays how government pretends to be your friend while taking away your rights. This little movie should be enough right now to make all of us want to stand on our own — apart from governement. Oh see, how they work. Nothing is new under the sun. Just more blatant as the end approaches.

I have filed this under “Good Old Days” simply because the movie was made in the good old days — never-the-less, the movie in all it’s innocence is far from innocent.

Part 1

Part 2

Will you still love Me?


PSALM 103: 1-5 

Bless the LORD, O my soul;
         And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul,
         And forget not all His benefits:
 Who forgives all your iniquities,
         Who heals all your diseases,
 Who redeems your life from destruction,
         Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
 Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
         So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

About 14 years ago or so, my mother got sick with a bad pneumonia. I saw her the night before at the hospital and her abdomen was oddly swollen. I found out later that happens when one has respitory problems and you can no longer breath from the diaphram but more from the stomach. She had triple pneumonia and something else they just were not sure of.

I remember the look of fear on her face. I told her she would be ok and would be back the next day. I really thought she would be ok. But I was wrong.

The next day she was put on a respirator. She lay there fully aware of her surroundings and was making gestures with her right hand. I picked up on it and got her a pencil and paper. At first my siblings kind of mocked me — how could I know what she wanted? But I was right. She wanted to write and she wrote a note saying she loved us all who were in the room.

A few days went by and she became more out of it as they doped her up with morphine and God knows what all else. At one point the lung doctor called us family members in a small conference room and told us to prepare for the worst. Telling her he had seen people not as sick as she, and not make it. He told us to go home and prepare for funeral arrangements.

I remember the deep shock and sadness on my family members faces. Especially my dad who was living at the time. My baby sister started crying. I stood up — partly out of shock and disbelief — partly out of boldness and said, “She is not going to die. I do not believe it. You all can call me a religious nut if you want but I am going home and call people to come and pray for our mother. I just do not believe it is her time to die.”

And that is what I did. I went home and called my friends and what was my church family at the time. They all said they would come on a certain night. Probably the next night, I don’t remember.

But we had the worst snow storm. It was icy outside and few people were able to make it, yet, still they came. There were maybe a dozen of us (I am guessing) calling out to a merciful God that night. The love and compassion from the family of God that night is something I will always remember.

Few days went on and no improvement with Mom. Instead the doctor told me one day, “her lungs are weeping.” I asked what that meant and he told me she had holes in her lungs and probably would not make it.

I went home and was torn between anger and grief. “God did you not hear us the other night,” I cried out.

One day as I was walking into the hospital, I noticed what looked like adult children taking their once sick parents home. They were wheeling them out in wheelchairs, balloons tied on the chairs, smiles on faces and flowers in their parents laps. I truly was not jealous, just sad that it was not me bringing my mother home. I asked God, “What about my Mom, Lord? How come she is not coming home? What about her?” I truly thought He would give me some kind of profound answer like you have to pray more or you have to do such-n-such, but instead, I heard these words, “Will you still love Me even if she does not come home? Will you still worship Me?” I did not falter. With a breaking heart, I cried out from the depths of my soul, “Yes Lord, for where else can I go! Yes, Lord I will still love You even if you do not allow her to come home.” I walked on in that hospital with a broken heart, went upstairs to intensive care unit and went into her room. Still no change. Doctor appeared hopeless once again.

I kind of moved in with my dad for a few days to help him out. The house seemed dead without Mom and he spent most of the time being silent. Actually, we both did. As it just was not the same house without her in it.

I don’t know how many days passed; three days, four, a week, then going on the second week with little to no improvement.

On the 11 day, I was with a friend who was waiting for the doctor with me. I had been up there for a few hours and being impatient and angry, finally just left. I walked home. Not a far distance. I walked home thinking God was not going to answer our prayers. And that somehow I had to find a way to trust Him in spite of the fact she would never come home. There was a rage in me I can not explain. I think it had something to do with feeling helpless more than an anger at God.

I walked in the front door and my phone rang. It was my friend who was still at the hospital. She said, “I just want to tell you the doctor came in and he thinks she is going to make it.”

I said, “Really!!! Really, he thinks that!?” She said yes and that the next day they would begin to try and wean her off the respirator. But still, it could be a touchy thing because of the pneumonia and the other strange unidentified malady she had.

So the next morning I went up there thinking I would be walking in watching them trying to take her off the respirator, but lo and behold when I walked into her room — there she was sitting in a chair! I almost started crying for joy — but my mother being a stoic woman — I did not. Instead, I walked over to her, kissed her on the cheek which was something I did until the day she died.

Her voice was weak and hoarse so she could say very little. I began to tell her what God had done for her. She acknowledged that but said very little more about it. Mom was a hard one to read at times. I wanted to just jump and shout and she was just wanting me to help give her a bath, which I did.

Mom got to come home. God answered our prayers. The prayers of many who prayed for her. I went home with her and Dad and stayed for a bit to help out. Oh, the joy in my heart! I weep even now for tears of joy for something that happened over 14 years ago!

God is good! He did not have to let her come home then. He could have taken her if He had wanted. But instead, He was so gracious He allowed her to stay on this earth another 14 years.

Those words, He spoke to me those many years ago still speak to me often: “Will you still love Me? Will you still worship Me?”

I have heard them over and over through every trial and tribulation I have faced since then and the answer is always “Yes, Lord!” Not because I am special or something spiritual. Because believe me, if you knew me in person, you would find me one of the weakest people you could ever meet! Only God is good! I have seen and come to know He is THE One who supplies every need at any given moment. See, there is nothing about me I can brag about, nothing at all. But in my weakness I CAN brag, because that is when He is the strongest.

He is a jealous God and that is for our good. He knows if anything else has captured our hearts it will only lead us astray from his love and truth and lead us into emotions such as hate, bitterness, etc, and lies. God didn’t ask me to prove anything, He didn’t ask me to jump through hoops for Him — He just wanted to know if I would still love Him. It was and still is important that I say “Yes, Lord!” no matter what happens in life.

I said “Yes!” because truly there is no where else to go. I said “Yes” because He is WORTHY of our love and devotion no matter what. So if you are being challenged in an area right now, just say “Yes, Lord! Yes, I WILL love You!”

Whether you win or lose, whether you get what you want or not — just say “Yes!” Say it and mean it just because He IS worthy!

Think you’re the only one that says, “NO!” to the shot?

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