Here is what we can expect if anyone refuses the vaccine. We can expect certain media whores making anyone who refuses, an enemy because we are “risking the life and health of others.” You watch and see if this does not happen.

Just like the democrats have been using class warfare to create division among people for decades, the media whores will also use this tactic to create division among the American people.

They will say things like, “They are selfish, not thinking of the well-being of their fellow humans.”

This will cause neighbor to go against neighbor, friend against friend, spouse against spouse, possibley even dividing families as the sheeple sit in front of the T.V. and go, “Hey, yeah, that’s right, man. I got my shot. You need to go get yours.”

Well, if you get a shot then aren’t you supposes to be protected?! What does someone else not getting a shot have to do with you?

I am reminded of asking a family member a few weeks back if I had the right to refuse the vaccination. She did not even respond to me, which told me, no, she did not believe I had that right. But what can you expect from someone who expects government to come along and “fix” every thing?

What business is it of medias or anyone else if I refuse?

Media will begin to hype this up, telling us all they got their shot and they are just fine. You decide if you want to believe them or not on that one. Just remember, they do not care about us, they never did and never will.

The people who run media are some of the most powerful and influential people on the earth. Whoever controls the media controsl the masses. It is that simple. I have had to come to the conclusion that everything I have seen the past few decades has had a spin on it in one way or another. Media is the biggest form of witchcraft!

Just last night on the Hugh Hewitt program on radio, he had a doctor on singing the praises of the vaccine. Right then and there I went, “Uh oh, another idol bites the dust.”

Yep, some of my idols have been conservative talk show hosts because I thought they were truth speakers in all things. But guess what? God said He would have no other gods before Him and He meant it. So if we are putting our trust in anyone or anything over Him, it is an idol.

You want to trust Shep Smith, Bill O’Riley, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Sean Hannity and others to give you the full truth? Go ahead. But you are responsible for searching a matter out.

Just do not be surprised when they turn on you and make you an enemy of the state for not taking the vaccine at some point.

Ask yourselves why they would do this. Do not be so naive to think it is because they care about you. None of them could actually care less about the American people. They are out for themselves. It is all about control people. It is manipulation and witchcraft.

Don’t take my word for it. I don’t ask you to swallow my every word. Take the time to start searching a matter out. Decide who and what you are going to let control you and direct your footsteps. You want government to do it, they will be more than glad to do it. You want media? They can do it too. But you will become their slaves. Only God has your bests interests at hand. He is the only One who will never deceive you.