Prayer Request from RedeemedHippie


I am asking those of you who visit this site, to pray for a love one of mine in the hospital on a respirator. Please ask God to have mercy on my family one more time (I can never stop asking) and bring her home to us. Pray that she will not suffer, that she will be able to breath once again on her own, that she would find the Lord’s peace through this and somehow be able to put her eyes upon Him during this ordeal. Pray that I would be able to acknowledge the Lord in all my ways, so He can make my path straight. That I would hear only His voice during this time and do as He leads. Pray that my loved one would bear testimony of God’s mercies upon her life and know that it has been Him that has carried her through every single ordeal.  Pray that I can find fellowship around the Lord I love and serve with the family I love. God sets the solitude in families and it is not easy being the only believer in a family. How I have longed for years just to hold hands and pray with my family as one has been sick and suffering. This is not easily done when family members are uncomfortable with the things of God. If they only knew how much I love each and every one of them… If they only knew how much God loves them and wants them to draw near to Him in repentence and holiness and set them apart for His good works and for His glorious Kingdom not of the earth. If they only knew.

Pray that my maiden name — the motto of it is “We shall Praise Thee Oh Lord” will come to pass among us all and by us all. 

Dear Jesus, You are merciful and full of compassion. Please hear the prayers that would go up for my mother. 

“Be still oh my soul and know He is God.”

Behold America: Your new spiritual leader

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This is what we can expect to be leading the Whitehouse in spiritual matters when Oprah is such a big part of the Obama’s life. Oprah is of an anti-christ spirit and those who follow her teachings are of the same. Anyone who once confessed to be a christian (such as Oprah)and follows her teachings has become a part of the falling away. You need to repent and turn back to the truth.


I have not been a big Benny Hinn fan for diferent reasons, never-the-less, the following video sets straight the difference between Oprah’s “gospel” and the true Gospel. I do not question the sincerity of Benny Hinn leading hundreds to the Lord or the ones who came forward that night. Benny Hinn presented the truth of the the Word and they came forward, acknowledging their need of a Savoir, Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, slain for our sins and rose from the dead for the likes of you and me.