This is what we can expect to be leading the Whitehouse in spiritual matters when Oprah is such a big part of the Obama’s life. Oprah is of an anti-christ spirit and those who follow her teachings are of the same. Anyone who once confessed to be a christian (such as Oprah)and follows her teachings has become a part of the falling away. You need to repent and turn back to the truth.


I have not been a big Benny Hinn fan for diferent reasons, never-the-less, the following video sets straight the difference between Oprah’s “gospel” and the true Gospel. I do not question the sincerity of Benny Hinn leading hundreds to the Lord or the ones who came forward that night. Benny Hinn presented the truth of the the Word and they came forward, acknowledging their need of a Savoir, Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, slain for our sins and rose from the dead for the likes of you and me.