Parents, I suspect the government and the CDC will use your resistance against you if you do not get your children vaccinated within the next few weeks. Start learning how to pray for the health of your children if you choose not to hand them over to CDC for this vaccination coming up.

Your children are YOURS. Government does not own them.


Mother of banned toddler cites worries over aluminum in vaccines

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009

A Kansas City clinic has set a disturbing precedent by kicking out a two-year old boy because his mother had failed to follow childhood vaccinations schedule guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Priority Care Pediatrics told Angela Andrews to leave their clinic with her son Elijah because of a new immunization policy.

“If we’re not going to get him on the CDC schedule, they’re not going to treat us,” Andrews told KMBC news.

Andrews told the CNN affiliate network that her son was behind on shots because she was concerned that levels of aluminum contained within the vaccines would damage his health.

“I’m not the expert by any means, but I’m the expert when it comes to my son. He was sick a lot when he was younger. He was more susceptible to flu and colds. I just didn’t feel like vaccines were safe until he was hardier,” Andrews said.