Ok, if some of us believe this is not God speaking through this young man, then who is? It can not be both God and Satan, so choose one or the other. I say it is devils speaking through him.

Stupid laughing.

“You were born gay. Don’t listen to those Pharisees. You were born gay. You got a right to be gay in Christ…the gayest person in the world. The blood bought son of god, filled with the drunken glory. You’re so gay.” Laughing. “you’re so gay, your gay is contagious.” Stupid spirit. “Oh my god. I crank ya Lord Jeus.”

Snorts, “There’s your glory, Jesus. We’re just gay together. You now all you guys watching this, you’re a bunch of gays. In love with the man, Jesus Christ.” Such mocking of the name of Jesus. If you can not see it, then you are either a coward or want to stay blind!

“Christianity is a bunch of gayness. Don’t listen to those little pharaisees. you can have a gay day every day…in the glory. Just drink, drink, drink. Just don’t worry about anybody condemning you or judging you. The Lord jesus has judged you righteowus and by his own spilt blood made you gay. You’re born gay. Come out of your prayer closet, openly gay.”

More blasphemy and mocking.

At 5:55 “The glory is coming so strong, there is going to be a holocaust upon your demons.”

The glory is not one of God. But one of lying spirits. This is a blatant attack on anyone who would dare question his teaching. I find this a threat to christians. It is a spirit that is calling evil good.

If I say demons are speaking through this young man, then what is he possibly saying here? The demon in him is suggesting a war against the true saints of God, Church! For this young man and those like him have made war with the true Bride with their abomnible heretical teachings.

Though he quotes from Phillipians, it means nothing. The devil knows the Word very well.

He is using the word “gay” as if to use it in the same way as “joy.” It is a mockery, people!

“I pray that you all become flaming gay out there in internet land, in the name of Jesus…flamingo gay, pink with the purity of jesus…I just pray that you be openly gay, unashamed of your gay pride…encourage you to keep toking the ghost…”

WAKE UP CHURCH! Can you not discern the difference between the holy and the profane?! Do not fear testing things by the Word of god. Be a Berean! You are commanded to.

For the record; Tod Bentley, Patricia King, Rick Joynner and all the other great leaders in the star-studded church have yet to come out and rebuke this young man. Rather they encourage it with their silence! So what does that tell you?!