I just could not find a scripture that pertained to the following article. There were plenty on idols, but not one on twinkies. My mind had gone blank.

So much appreciation to Geri who gave me the following scripture for this writing. It is perfect:

”O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” PSALM 34

The past year has been an eye-opener for me. I have searched scripture and tested all things. Some things I once believed are no longer a belief. I did not throw them on the back burner to be taken out at a later date. No, I threw them out. Forever gone, never to be believed again. I had to test them against scripture and uh, well, I learned I was wrong about some things I used to believe and threw those beliefs away.

One being, anointing a room with oil. In the belief that somehow the oil or the act itself had some kind of power to keep evil from me and my house. I searched the Word of God and that practice is not in there. I anointed rooms for years. I anointed them after having bad dreams or “sensing” evil around me. Hurriedly I would get the oil and just start anointing up a storm, hoping to rid my house of any kind of bad influences. What nonsense! Jesus is enough.

I no longer believe in holy laughter. It is not on the back burner either. I threw it out. Why? Because it is no where in the word of God. It’s kind of funny though how that belief almost makes people believe I am the one who is a heretic. Amazing isn’t it? You test something by the Word and find it lacking and you have people judge you as the one wrong. One thing is for sure; when I get to heaven I do not believe for one second God is going to judge me for not believing in such mockery of his Word.

I’ve lost a few relationships the past year on my quest for truth. But that is a price you have to pay when you put the Word of God above the teachings of men. I have learned something. People do not like it when you touch their little twinkie idols. What is a twinkie idol? It is one that is sugary sweet and pleasant to the palate. But it has absolutely no value to your nourishment. It just tastes good, that is all. It full fills for a little while but sooner or later you have to have meat, vegetables, fruit a well-balance diet. They may even be hazardous to some depending on your health. One thing a twinkie will do is make you fat. Man can not live on twinkies alone.

When I first began seeing things going on in the church through false revivals and lying heretics with their signs and wonders, I naively thought everyone would be as I. Rise up ready for battle, desiring truth at any cost, willing to see the delusion at hand and start calling things as they are. But I was wrong. Oh, how I was wrong.

It reminded me of when I first got born-again back in the 70s. I was so joyful and glad at accepting Jesus and his forgiveness. Surely everyone would want to know about my Jesus! But no. I found out back then there was just something about Him that people did not want. Being young, I was bewildered and did not understand how others could not see what I had found and that Jesus was the way, the truth and the life. And surely they all would want the same thing? No.

Instead in a way, I was cast off by some of those I used to be close to. One specific incident has stayed in my mind all these years. I stopped smoking weed when I first got born-again. Nobody told me not to do it. Something in me just wanted to please God. I went with a few friends to hang out with them as they smoked some weed. While they passed the joint back and forth I began telling them about my Jesus. Oh, I was so very excited in sharing Him. I was giving them my testimony about being a witch in the occult and how Jesus saved me out of it. Surely they would want to hear. But no. One young man looked at me, toked on his joint and said, “We don’t care about your Jesus.” The look in his eyes threw me back. I could not understand at the time that look was one of the devil. It hurt. Something in me shut down. It was not too many months later I was right back with them, smoking pot and right back in the drug scene.

I look back on that and now I see what happened. The enemy used that to not only shut me down but to put a fear of man on me. A fear that spoke to me for years, “you have to belong.” What a lie! The Word of God tells me, “I am accepted in the Beloved.” That is more than enough.

It made me go back to Egypt. The place where God delivered me out of. And why? So I could be accepted once again by my peers. And continue doing the things I once did. Which brought no one to Jesus. My actions brought reproach to the One who saved my soul from the hell I was spiraling towards.

Now today, I see it is not much different. People still do not want to hear the truth. Mainly Chrisitans. Why is this? There are idols set up in the church. Over the past few decades I have seen more idolatry rise up. The church has accepted teachings of men over the Word of God, accepted traditions of men without testing, accepted the newest and latest “move of God” without testing, accepting every wind of doctrine that comes along. Why? Because it feels good. Because it is “new,” “fresh,” a “revelation.”

God’s Word is not enough anymore for some people. They need books. They need CD‘s. Expensive at that. Whole series on how you can enter the throne room of heaven, drink from it’s wine cellar and get blasted. How you can have your best life now. Churches are full of these twinkie idols. If Jesus came in their midst he would take his whip and throw their merchandise to the floor!

They have added to the Word of God and they have taken away for it.

These are twinkie idols. Sugary sweet of no eternal lasting value. Pleasing to the tongue and pleasant to the ears, but useless to the Spirit. I believe God vomits every time He has to even look and hear one of these twinkie idols through our ears and eyes! Twinkies make God sick!

If you are on a Twinkie diet, I challenge you to lay the twinkies aside and start devouring the Word of God. Enter into his sufferings, whatever that may be for you and come to know Him, not through man and heretics, but through the undefiled Word of God. Go ahead. What have you got to lose other than a sweet tooth?