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For about the past couple years I have had to test a few things I had believed in. Taking them off the shelf and seeing what the Word of God says, instead of trusting in what I had been taught over the years. I have come to the conclusion; most, if not all, tongues of today are nothing more than counterfeit jibberish to make the speaker look spiritual or whatever.

Years ago, I was led to believe that tongues were the major evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit. May I say that those who never spoke in tongues showed me more love than those who did? Which brings me to this; What is the greatest? Love. Not tongues.

I know the following videos may offend some, but it is time to stop believing everything that has ever come at us just because it felt good or whatever. It is time to start testing everything we have been taught.

For example; I have noticed almsot everyone I have ever known that speaks in a tongue sound like little parrots repeating the same few syllables over and over. Surely God is much more creative than that?

Demons are perfectly capable of counterfeiting tongues. I know this from experince. Many many years ago — over 30 years — I took  a hallucigenic drug. I was awake all night on someone’s couch and out of my mouth came a language as clear as a bell. The next morning, the husband of the friend I was staying with got up and even said to me, “I didn’t know you could speak in another language.”

Before anyone tells me that was the Holy Spirit, think again. I do not believe God blesses sin and rebellion. He may have mercy in times like that, but never bless.   

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IBM, Verichip & The Human Microchipping Agenda

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Written on sidebar of video: Documentary providing a chilling detailed and concise account of the human microchipping agenda for the coming global information control grid. Featuring Edwin Black, author of “IBM And The Holocaust”, who talks about how Hitler used the information technology of the IBM “Hollerith Punch Card”, originally invented in the 1890’s as a census tool, to gather precise details of all citizens, including Jews, for “processing” by the Nazis. The numbers on the punch cards became the numbers tattoed on the forearms of the Jews. This was the forerunner of the bar code, which has now evolved into the RFID chip – the final frontier of human tracking, the Hitler program at warped speed.

IBM funds the Verichip parent company (Applied Digital Solutions, or ADSX). The VeriChip Corporation is both FDA approved and patented with the owner of patent (6,400,338) granted recently to VeriChip’s manufacturer, Digital Angel Corporation, with worldwide patents pending. World governments are constantly tightening measures in regard to identity protection, whilst trumpeting our need to be protected from the forces of evil – this propoganda aims at demanding total conformity by people.

The purpose of this documentary is to awaken and stir you into action. As stated on Greg’s site:
“The ‘We the People will not be Chipped – No Verichip Inside’ Movement, is based on the irrefutable fact that we believe in mankind’s inalienable human rights that are absolute and cannot be debased nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM-funded Verichip that we the people will not be chipped!”

You are being called upon to network, share, use the resources on the website (link below), march forward as a collective united group to stop the encroaching agenda. You are not an animal that needs to be branded, nor a product that needs to be identified, you are not a number! Send a strong and united message to Verichip, IBM, etc who wish to enslave you and your family that we the people will not be chipped. This is not only a privacy issue, this is a human rights issue.

A We The People Will Not Be Chipped presentation, produced by Greg Nickolettos:


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False Prophet: Kim Clement


RINGO4LIFE: (Sidebar)

Kim Clement is a false prophet who doesn’t believe in preaching against sin. He don’t think it’s important for him to do in ministry.

Any man or women of God that doesn’t deal with sin issues in the lives of people in the Church and around the world are FALSE TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!

How could christians be holy if preachers are not dealing with sin issues in Churches are the world?

If you church doesn’t preach against sin of all kinds, LEAVE THAT FALSE CHURCH and seek God yourself at home.

RedeemedHippie:[I don’t know who that woman is on stage, but there is something about her little laugh that is sooo wrong. how can one make light of sin in such a way?!]

A Day Ordained by God


My mother passed away October 19th as some of you know. It has been a very hard month. Not being one that “shares” my sorrow with others, I tend to wall off and wait for grief and sadness to be lifted. I am still waiting and waiting. But there is something I have been wanting to share from the day it happened, but have not been able to. Perhaps now is the time.

It was the last day I saw Mom. I went to the rehab center to spend some time with her. When I walked in she was sitting in a chair working a puzzle and I went over and kissed her on the cheek which was my habit of doing all through the years of our lives. 

She appeared to be slightly spunky considering everything she had been through. She had been on a respirator for just two days. I say “just two” because we were told a few months ago if she ever ended up on one whe would never come off. But God…

We chatted about world events; things she was always interseted in. She had two sisters with Altzimers and it was a blessing to her and to us that she still had her right mind even to the very end. 

The rehab was going to have an hour of Bingo for the residents. I asked Mom if she would like to go and she said yes. I wheeled her down and wheeled her to a table where one woman was sitting alone. The woman was in a wheelchair also, but she had what appeared to be severe cerebral palsey. I figured we would help her as the use of her arms and hands were limited. 

Mom and I play and she wins a little prize. She got to pick out what she wanted and she picked a little glass with hearts on it.

A black heavy set woman wheeled herself in and this woman had the biggest smile on her face. Immeditately, I sensed she was a Christian. Someone asked her if she would sing. She kind of laughed and said no. I asked her what she sang (knowing all along what she would tell me) and sure enough she said Gospel. I asked her too sing and she began to sing the most beautiful hymns in the most powerful voice.

I looked over at Mom and her eyes were wet. There was an annointing on the woman and my mother was sensing it. I asked the woman if she knew “How Great Thou Art” and she cut loose with it. This time my eyes began to get wet along with my mother’s. We both sat silently listening to this angelic voice.

You have to understand; my mother was a stoic woman. She did not show her emotions all that well. She could be still waters or a raging sea. There was no in between with her. So seeing my mother moved like that was a blessing.

I began to think to myself, “This is church! My mother and I are having church together becasue the Word says where two or more are gathered in His Name, He is in the midst of them. Oh thank You, Jesus! Thank you! You have answered a prayer I never thought possible!”

Next came “Happy Hour.” Yep, that’s right, “Happy Hour.” They brought in a cart full of drinks. You had your choice of Beer, Wine, Vodka, Whiskey,  etc! I can not remember the last time either of us had a drink of any kind. Especially together, but we had one that day. She chose a whiskey and coke. I chose a glass of wine. Well, actually two glasses of wine. Two was the limit. 

We both were smiling and having a good time just being with each other. 

It came time to wheel her back to her room. I told her I felt a little loopy and she kind of laughed at the thought only two small glasses would have an effect on me. I was feeling kind of playful and almost told her, “Pick your feet up Mom, and I’ll take you for a ride!” But I didn’t. I didn’t want to give her another heart attack, though she probably would have enjoyed the ride as she was one of the most playful people I have ever known.  

Later, I kissed her good-bye and told her I was going home to prepare to go home with her when they released her. I truly thought she would go home to stay in the next couple of days. I did not know she would die two nights later in that place. 

After I got home, it dawned on me that God had certainly ordained that day. Not only did Mom and I have church, but I got to have the last drink with her! How ironic. 

I really don’t know where I am suppose to go with this. It is just something I wanted to share how God took my last day with my Mother and made it so special. I guess I can sum it up like this; Sometimes the smallest of things are the biggest blessings of God. Sometimes we have to look for them to find them. I hope you will be blessed by many many small things in your life.

POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop Tasers 10 yr old girl for not going to bed

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What kind of MOTHER would tell a cop to do such a thing to a ten year old?! What kind of COP would do such a thing?! If the kid weighed 200 pounds and was VIOLENT, I might understand, but it appears she is a small girl. You mean to tell me neither the cop or the mother could constrain her? The cop had no regard for the child whatsoever. If so, he could have called in another cop — preferably a woman — and diffused the situation.

Venus Project where Humanisim is the Religion

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Frisco’s vision…sees his cities as tools for fostering humanistic values.

Humanisism is a religious belief. It is one without God.

I am so glad I have lived most of my life already. Who wants to be around for this devilish stuff?!

Josh Mills: Teeth Whitening Miracles, etc

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This is soooo ridiculous. First it was everybody going out in search of the glory clouds and angelic visitations and etc. Now the smell of toothpaste and teeth whiting miracles?! Tell me the church does not have anything else better to do than to go off in search of glory clouds and angels, and now this; teeth whitening miracles!

“Silver and gold teeth that would come into people’s mouths.” If anything tells me these miracles are false and not of God, it is this. If this type of thing is from God, then would He not produce a real tooth?

God created teeth. Satan being a deceiver and never created anything, could NEVER create a real tooth.

But these things are lies to begin with. Josh Mills and his cohorts are nothing but deceivers. I just don’t understand how they can look so pure as the new driven snow and keep pulling these things off and have the sheeple continue to follow him!

WARNING! Josh Mills teachings are lies, deceptions, witchcraft AND OCCULTIC!

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