“I saw the baby…fighting for it’s life.”


For those who believe we should just keep our mouth shut about butchering little babies:

“I saw the baby moving, trying to get away…fighting for it’s life…I saw the baby literally crumble.”

Some of you would DARE tell me Jesus would never want the truth told about this!?

Present BOTH sides to a woman.



Best Cop Ever!

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I don’t know who I have more compassion for; the guy in the van — who is obviously upset for a lot of reasons — or the police officer!

I put this in the tag of Good Old Days when cops acted like human beings instead of tazering everybody.

Written on sidebar: This cop is exactly what the elite and globalists do not want – a good cop. He is extremely patient and does not abuse his power nor does he allow his anger to get the better of him – he is a true example of how all cops should be and should conduct themselves when doing their job – you serve the people not the government. Watch the video responses to learn more about the New World Order.

Ten Things Your’re not supposed to know about the Swine Flu Vaccine

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Things appear to be dying down a bit, BUT, it still is not over. They are just late in getting the vaccines in some places.

I saw my chiopracter last night and she said the same thing; she has researched big time and she “ain’t getting the vaccine.” Neither of us care the price we may have to pay.


Choo Thomas is a deceiving “angel of light”


The one post I have on Choo Thomas appears to get more hits than any other. That tells me there are a lot of people out there searching for the truth. I don’t know who you are, but God does. He desires you to come to the full truth by breaking away from lies and deceptions.

I know Choo Thomas comes across as a beautiful woman of God. Somehow annointed. BUT, you have to know that Satan comes as an angel of light. He does not always come at us with horns and a pitchfork. Please remember, Satan can not create ANYTHING. All he can do is pervert, distort and imitate.

For example when Choo talks about seeing the blood of Jesus being filthy with our sins. I believe that is such a mockery of the truth. His blood is so pure that it covers OUR sins. NOT the other way around where our sins cover His blood. Please think on that for a while.

Some of you are afraid to test something — anxious right now that if you do, you will be grieving the Holy spirit. You have been taught a lie, my friends. God does not care how long it takes for you to test something. He wants you to. It is the devil who always will make us feel like we aren’t spiritual enough to think on our own, so we end up putting our trusts in false teachers/prophets. This is idolatry. If we put anything over Jesus or His Word we make ourselves idol lovers.  

It is ok to test something. Do not be afraid to say, “Jesus, I do not understand. Will you show me the truth about this?” He is not going to get mad at you. He will NEVER tell you you must believe in something that is a lie. HE will show you if you have a desire to know the full truth. He does not love Choo Thomas any greater than you or I. She is not chosen by Him to spread these lies and deceptions.

I do not hate Choo Thomas. Yet, I hate what she teaches. She teaches abominations that will lead thousands upon thousands to a false jesus. Are you willing to be one of them?   

We all need to pray for her.  

If there is anyone who has broken free from this deception, please leave a comment so it can encourage others who still may be trapped. Thank you.

It’s Raining WHAT??? Germ warfare???

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I just knew this stuff has been going on for years. No, I have never seen it or experienced it. Chem trails? Yeah, I’ve seen them and who is to say we are not being experimented on?

I’ve tagged this Pandemics/ForcedVaccinations because this can only be something pertaining to that. Unless someone else has a better idea.

100% PROOF U.S.A. has tested using RAIN to infect AMERICAN CITIZENS! 15 years ago!

Sidebar: Just think how many advances they have made with this technology with 15 more years of R&D. Credit for this upload goes to 1bigstink07 . This video gives testimony from POLICE OFFICERS even that a small town in Washington state was used as testing grounds for the military’s use of RAIN as a way to vector viruses for a population.


Popeye – Goonland (1938)


Does anyone remember this cartoon from about fifty years ago? It scared the heck out of me way back then. Forgive me for feeling a little nostalgic. Those were the good old days.