These young people have crossed over to the point where their conscious has been seared. Yet, there will be those who will either approve of their behavior or make excuses for them.

The use of using God’s name in vain is a joke to them.

At one point he even says the raputre is not real.

“Put that iin your crack pipe and smoke it cause you ain’t gonna get itbeing a religious demon. you’re only gonna get it by being a son of god which is a drinker.”

“We’re taking over everything. With the drinking.”

At the end of the video, it shows a drawing of Jesus giving the middle finger!

He endorses Rick Joyner. I take it they know one another. So, if RJ is suppose to be such a man with great discernment, why does he not address this type of behavior and mocking?!

If God is not the one speaking through them, who is? Simple enough; devils. This is vulgar mystism and blatant heresy. Yet, still, there will be some that will refuse to test it or dare to challenge it.