Why pray and ask God for anything, when all you have to do is sow in an apostate’s teaching and create your own reality through witchcraft?

“I planted a 58 dollar seed for my handicapped son. I did not have enough money to take care of him so he ended up getting placed in a group home. I focused on the seed to bring him back.”

Did not have the money to take care of the son, yet had money to send to an apostate! Also, no praying, no asking God, no trusting in God, but trusting in 58 bucks! Focusing on 58 bucks!

“Exactly 58 days later I found out the money which was going to him for the group home can be sent to me if I bring him home! It is an extensive amount which means I do not have to work and and will have the money to take care of his physical needs.”

Mike Murdock: This is not for everybody.

I’ll say! It certainly is not for anybody who can use their brain!

Mike Murdock: Delayed obediance becomes disobediance.

Such manipulation and witchcraft! The ol’ guilt routine. Don’t send him the money and you are guilty of some great sin! The man is a liar and a deceiver!

Mike Murdock prayer: Father, if what I have said about sowing and reaping is just for Mike Murdock personal gain, may a curse be on me and my ministry. May my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. If what I’ve said about sowing and reaping is the Word of God, I decree 12 months of miracles…”

It is only by the mercy of God that man’s tongue did not fall out of his mouth right then and there!  His ministry is already cursed because it is full of witchcraft!