By now, a lot of people have learned Global warming was and is the biggest hoax of the century. Some of us already knew the truth of the matter.

Al Gore — a man of absolutely NO passion for anything other than lies, has been caught with his britches down. It does not take much to stand behind something that is not truth. All you have to do is keep finding ways to spread your lies while covering your butt. (Oh, did I mention his britches are down?)

So what now? I suggest that we stay alert. As news media puts their spin on this trying to keep the lie alive, look in another direction to see what it is that they don’t want us looking at. 

Don’t be caught off guard with all the talking heads. Instead, keep vigilant and alert because the National Crisis of the H1N1 is still not over.  Countries are still vaccinating thousands of sheeple. I don’t know about anyone else, but here the first place they went to with their free vaccines was the poorest part of town. Hmmm. The sheeple were already prepared to get their jab by helping to vote in their messiah. So their savior allowed them to go first. Gee, I should feel so honored.

It’s kind of sad, actually. Those who trust this government will find out just how much they are held in disdain by the very ones they helped put into power. They will be first to take the veri-chip, which in my forever humble opinion is the mark of the beast.

But for those of us who are not following man  nor looking for man to save us with freebies and/or special priveledges, we have to stay awake.

I believe the global warming hoax was exposed by God. Maybe, just maybe, it will uncover more diabolical plans this government and the governments of the world have for innocent civilians.

It will be interesting to see what happens at Copenhagen, hmmm? With a lie they can no longer cling to, what will they do? Will they change their mind about depopulation and sustainable development? Probably not. Not unless God himself intervenes.

Either way — stay alert, stay vigilant in searching out the truth and keep your guard up. Trust nothing at face value and dig deep to find the truth. I still am.