This is soooo ridiculous. First it was everybody going out in search of the glory clouds and angelic visitations and etc. Now the smell of toothpaste and teeth whiting miracles?! Tell me the church does not have anything else better to do than to go off in search of glory clouds and angels, and now this; teeth whitening miracles!

“Silver and gold teeth that would come into people’s mouths.” If anything tells me these miracles are false and not of God, it is this. If this type of thing is from God, then would He not produce a real tooth?

God created teeth. Satan being a deceiver and never created anything, could NEVER create a real tooth.

But these things are lies to begin with. Josh Mills and his cohorts are nothing but deceivers. I just don’t understand how they can look so pure as the new driven snow and keep pulling these things off and have the sheeple continue to follow him!

WARNING! Josh Mills teachings are lies, deceptions, witchcraft AND OCCULTIC!