For about the past couple years I have had to test a few things I had believed in. Taking them off the shelf and seeing what the Word of God says, instead of trusting in what I had been taught over the years. I have come to the conclusion; most, if not all, tongues of today are nothing more than counterfeit jibberish to make the speaker look spiritual or whatever.

Years ago, I was led to believe that tongues were the major evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit. May I say that those who never spoke in tongues showed me more love than those who did? Which brings me to this; What is the greatest? Love. Not tongues.

I know the following videos may offend some, but it is time to stop believing everything that has ever come at us just because it felt good or whatever. It is time to start testing everything we have been taught.

For example; I have noticed almsot everyone I have ever known that speaks in a tongue sound like little parrots repeating the same few syllables over and over. Surely God is much more creative than that?

Demons are perfectly capable of counterfeiting tongues. I know this from experince. Many many years ago — over 30 years — I took  a hallucigenic drug. I was awake all night on someone’s couch and out of my mouth came a language as clear as a bell. The next morning, the husband of the friend I was staying with got up and even said to me, “I didn’t know you could speak in another language.”

Before anyone tells me that was the Holy Spirit, think again. I do not believe God blesses sin and rebellion. He may have mercy in times like that, but never bless.   

Part 1:

Part 2: