Ronald Reagan on Capitalism and Socialism!!!

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One of the stories my mother read to me as a child, was the Little Red Hen. Below is a modern version of it. How true!


Strange phenomenon in sky

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Very strange. Very strange indeed. Can you imagine seeing this and not running in the house? If you think this is scarey, think about when the wicked will see God and try to hide from Him.


SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT – The Absolute Biblical Truth


Much, if not all, that we have seen in the practice of being slain in the spirit is contrived through manipulation; which is a form of witchcraft. Some of it may even be occultic in nature. Other times it is a result of peer pressure in desiring to look spiritual.

If after watching this, you want to debate this, please do not bother. Unless you can come up with Biblical proof that this video has overlooked; which I doubt very much you do, please don’t just argue for the sake of arguing.

After seeing this and coming to the full truth, you still want to cling to this belief, please ask yourself why.


Parents do you know what cartoons your children are watching?


If humans are “parasites” as said in the following video, it leaves me to ask — then is the person making the statement, a parasite too? If not, then what makes them any better than the next human? Who is really making the statement? Lucifer, as he hates all of mankind.

Parents; both Christian and New Age pagans, do you really believe you and your child are a parasite? The cartoon says so. It teaches what the green movement is all about. I’m just curious as to what kind of person really believes this and what you plan on doing about it.


Where Is Satan’s Anointed?


Bride of Christ, we are told we will be hated for His Name sake. So in knowing that, why do so many still try to gain the world’s favor? Ought we not to plow on ahead in what we believe no matter the cost? They — those in the world and of the world — already hate us for the simple fact we serve the One True God (Jesus) so why try to get them to love us? It is either God’s favor resting upon us or the world’s. Which one are you going to choose?

I love how the video maker presented this!


A Beautiful Dance

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A beautiful dance that speaks volumes.


John Scotland Impartation of the Drunken Glory

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The seed of Rodney Howard Brown and his damnable laughing revival from the 90s.

How can any Christian sit through this and laugh? How can they sit there to begin with?

“I’ve been going through different stages of drunkeness. The stage I’m at at the moment, is slouching. I’ve gone through the hiccup stage. I’ve gone through the stage of heckling the preachers. I got a kiss off George to day. I told him he needs to go shave.”

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