Does rice have emotions? Does it have the ability to pick up our thoughts and live or die based on what those thoughts are? What about us? Do we really have the ability to create our own reality with the very words we speak? If I actually had that ability, my life would be one big nightmare by now from the things I have thought and feared over the years.

We are human. We sometimes have bad negative thoughts. We do not control everything that touches our life. If we did, would that not make us as little gods? This teaching of positive confession that has infillitrated the church is New Age Eastern thought.

If we were able to create our own reality, where would the need for God come in?

The following video leads us to believe there is truth in the rice experiment. I must admit it had me for a minute. But, when I began to do further research on the matter, I came up with the last two videos which debunk the whole theory. This is just one example of things are not always as they appear and why we are called to test all things.




Part 2