Bob Larson has a reality TV show (The Real Exorist) on him casting out demons. NOW it is hard for me to believe this man is legite at all. The following videos are an interview about a woman’s experience with Bob Larson. Sounds like he is all about putting on a good show and perhaps practices his own version of WITCHCRAFT with all the manipulation he does!

Part 1:

He takes her to a cemetery! WHAT is the purpose for that??? Is it about showtime or is he secretly involved in the occult. Immediately, I was reminded of Jesus’s words: Why seek the living among the dead? So why would anyone take anyone to a cemetery?

Part 2:

BL leads her to believe that she had multiple personalities. Tells her demons come through her through the cemetery.

Part 3:

He plays a cruel prank call asking her, “Have you been to the cemetery lately?” This shows his insensitivity AND a sadistic nature. She had to sign papers before hand stating she could not sue him for anything.