His wife said he was the most “selfless” person she had ever known. Without sounding harsh, I have to ask, how selfish is it to sit in a chair for eight months, doing absolutely nothing to help yourself? He waited upon God to “heal” him, expecting a miracle to be a “better testimony.”

His wife could not roll him over to get him on a bed pan. They had no visitors. It is not hard to imagine why. I wonder how many people came to them and tried to talk some sense into them.

This is a result of the name it and claim it doctrine out there. I know because I had a friend who had breast cancer. She refused to go to a doctor waiting for God to give her her miracle. It did not take long before the cancer had ravaged her body and she died.

Sometimes, I can not but help believe that it is a sort of pride waiting for a “miracle.”

His wife said, “He wanted to get up and tell everybody what Jesus had done.”

Yes, God does do miracles. But to sit and do nothing is a sin. There is nothing admirable about this tragedy. I do not believe for one minute if the man went to a hosptial they would not have treated him. There are avenues to take.