I found this very tormenting to watch. Not because I believed the woman had a demon but because I believe Bob Larson put this woman through some unnessary grief.

I’m embarrassed to be of the female gender when I see women this gullible who would allow a man to knock her around all in the name of Jesus. This is a simple case of bullying.

He talks to the demon which upsets the woman. And why wouldn’t it? At some point she must realize she has gone too far in letting this man close to her and she knows she can not back out. He bullies her into further submission by yelling at the demon.

BL uses his Bible to put distance between him and his victim. It is a prop and nothing more. It gives him more power to intimidate because who would dare come against a man with a Bible in his hands? Jesus did not need any props. Demons fled with a word. He didn’t need to back up those he was trying to help.

BL tells the crowd to help him. This is more manipulation making the people feel as if they are part of it. The people are a bunch of lemmings.

This creates more of a sense of alienation in the woman. How could she back out now if she wanted to? She would be accused of having a demon stopping her.

The Bible on top of the head would be laughable if it were not so serious!

I’m guessing the man in the red shirt may be her husband and he seems confused with what is going on. I sense he is being torn between jumping in between the “man of God” and his wife. He looks like he wanted to knock Larson on his butt and he probably should have! If my husband let any man treat me like that, I would expect him to punch the guy out. If he didn’t, I would!

All the touchy feely hugging at the end is enough to make me want to puke. This reminds me of an abusive husband who thinks he can abuse his wife and then she just falls into his arms.

The woman has just been abused but she does not know it. But perhaps she will at some point and I hope and pray her experience with BL does no ever lasting damage to her.

It is the truth that sets free. Not screaming, yelling and bullying. The Jesus I serve would NEVER have to resort to these kinds of theatrics!

Bob Larson, here is a challenge for you…why don’t you go to a psyche ward and try to help some people with real problems or/and to a prison and cast out demons in some really dangerous people?! Shouldn’t be hard to do from an exorist such as yourself. You FAKE.