How do you know if someone is lying or not? Well unfortunately, we don’t always know. Sometimes, we don’t know until we have seen we have been suckered into believing something that was not true. We all have been there.

In the case of Greg Evenson; the alleged state trooper who has come out and exposed the alleged agenda of martial law, FEMA camps, mandatory vaccinations and bracelets, how are we to know? Are we to take his word? I truly do not know the answer to that.

He told us a few months back  that road blocks would be set up in October and we have not seen it. Did God intervene or was the man lying?

Truth is important to me — even when I am wrong — and I have searched on Greg Evenson to see if there is anything out there that would tell me otherwise about him. This is not to discredit him, nor is it to prop him up as some truth speaker. I just do not know. 

I truly desire to find the truth about this man. If he is who he says he is, then he would not mind anyone testing him in any area. So, I have done this; I have gone to his website and found he sells a lot of stuff on how to prepare for the endtimes, has training camps on how to survive, etc. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. I find it wrong IF you truly believe all hell is about to break lose, would you be selling your information and skills or would you be giving away what you know in order to save as many lives from destruction as fast as you could? I know what I would do. 

On his website I find his “Merry Christmas” distasteful, fear mongering and sensationalistic  The font is a bloody work of art. No pun intended. Check it out for yourself. What is the purpose of this? If he truly believes that our Christmas is going to be one of blood and horror, then why does he continue to sell his merchandise? This is the same thing that all false teachers, false prophets and hucksters do; sucking your finances away until the last penny, no matter what. The apostate church is doing it amid a financial crisis to many unsuspecting sheeple.

He advertises some kind of training camps for 2010:  

Unless specifically requested, the informational seminars will end December 31, 2009. From this point forward, IN-FIELD TRAINING CAMPS will be held across the country. This two day session will bring 50 (that is all we can accommodate at a time) people together at a training site established by the sponsors and announced on this web-site with their approval. We are in the process of taking these requests on a first come basis. Instructor Rick Shumard and I will conduct the sessions using multi-media, weapons, defensive strategies and common sense training indigenous to the locale where the camp is held.
E-mail us for details……9 camps are scheduled at this time. We can only do Spring & Summer across the country in 2010.

Ok, if he recently came out and said something horrible was going to happen within the next few weeks: then why is he still planning for these training camps on down the future? Is it to continue to make money in spite of any events? Ot is he just flat out lying?

Now, I realize it appears I just discredited Evenson. It is not my aim. I just know no other way to look at this right now. Passing on lies or/and deceptions is not what I am about. Neither do I want to be one that swallows everything coming at us right now and lead the readers on a frightfest.

Are things coming upon the earth? Yes, I do believe so and I still believe we should stay vigilant and alert, testing EVERYTHING that comes our way. If anyone knows anything at all about the man, PLEASE leave a comment and links or whatever, so we can pin this guy down and find out what he is all about.