We were told it was a Russian rocket. Someone is lying. Who?

Either way, I knew it was just a matter of time until someone came out and said that the bizarre light in Norway on the 9th was credited to Maitreya.

When asked the signs of the end, Jesus said, “Do not be deceived, for many will come in My Name.”

Maitreya is just one of many.

Following article gotten here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/spiral-light-over-norway—the-star-that-heralds-maitreyas-emergence-79050817.html

Spiral Light Over Norway – the ‘Star’ That Heralds Maitreya’s Emergence

An enormous, spiral light with a glowing centre, seen over Norway on 9 December 2009, has excited and baffled thousands of Norwegians, including astronomical experts. What does it mean?

On 12 December 2008 Share International Foundation announced that a large, bright ‘star’-like object would soon be seen in the sky. They believe it to be a sign heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya, the World Teacher, on his first television interview, which will take place in the USA.

Share International Foundation believes that the ‘star’ is really one of four enormous spacecraft placed around the world. Since December 2008 hundreds of sightings of the ‘star’ have been reported on YouTube, television news programmes and Share International magazine has received hundreds of photographs showing the ‘star’ in a variety of stunning colours and shapes.

The huge spiral manifestation over Norway is an extension of the work of these spacecraft and is irrefutable evidence of their reality, believes Share International. Our information is that further and different manifestations are planned.

RH:[Planned? Does this mean they are manufacturing these deceptions then?]

For more information, watch ‘The star sign’ video on YouTube and visit Share International website: http://www.share-international.org

Background information

For over 30 years artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for what he believes will be the biggest event in history – the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Millions of people have heard his information and wait expectantly for this momentous event.

RH:[This is either just one of many anti-christ or THE anti-christ.]

Share International claims that since 19 July 1977 Maitreya has been living in the Asian community of London, gradually emerging before the public. Long-awaited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the World Teacher for all people, religious or not.

He has not come to found a new religion but as an educator in the broadest sense. His message can be summarized as: “Share and save the world.”

RH:[Ah, but it is a religion. It is called humanim. Luciferian Theosphy.]

For those who seek signs of His coming, Maitreya has manifested miracles worldwide, touching the hearts of millions and preparing them for His imminent appearance.

With Maitreya and His group working openly in the world, offering Their guidance and teachings, humanity is assured not only of survival but of the creation of a brilliant new civilization.

RH:[Gee, can’t wait to hold hands with a bunch of godless anti-christs and sing Kumbya.]