A bunch of dippy hippies from the 70s sitting around letting someone call them a maggot.

Believe this and you will see nothing wrong with murdering billions of people in the name of saving the planet.

God loves mankind but Lucifer hates us. Is it any wonder that he would compare us to maggots? No wonder we are where we are.

Sidebar: One of the goals of the enviro-mental movement has been to cheapen the value of human life in people’s minds, making people feel guilty for their existence on this planet. This ties in with the emerging New Age religion of Gaia worship, which places the value of nature above all else, including human life. This makes sense once you realize that the people behind this anti-human propaganda, which Suzuki is merely a mouthpiece for, want to cull 80-90% of the world’s population to make way for the coming New Age and a world utopia of the chosen few. The mantra of radical environmentalists is that humans are parasites, as seen in this clip of an unwashed David Suzuki comparing humans to fruit flies and maggots. David Suzuki is an environmental activist who is big especially up in Canada, and has for years been preaching about how humans are a cancer to the earth.